15 Surprising Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas You Can Try in 2023!

Looking to launch your YouTube career but not sure about showing your face? What’s the solution? Faceless YouTube channel ideas!

Going faceless on YouTube is the best of both worlds.

First, you get the opportunity to get on YouTube. Talk about your passions, interests, and expertise. Second, you can feel comfortable and confident sharing your message anonymously by creating a faceless YouTube channel!

There are so many clever ways to make money on YouTube today. You can even make money on YouTube without making videos!

Why not show your face, though?

There are plenty of reasons why people are shy to show their faces on the internet:

Privacy concerns
Being introverted or shy
Not wanting to be found online by friends, family, or your workplace.

You’re not alone! That’s why thousands of faceless YouTube channels exist today.

And many of them are successful!

Dive in!

15 Surprising Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas

Faceless YouTube channels work the same as YouTube channels where the creator shows their face. You’re still eligible to monetize your channel with the YouTube Partner Program once you meet the requirements and make money in other ways, like affiliate marketing. And how you start, grow, and maintain the channel works the same, too!

Brightside has over 40 million subscribers, and they talk about a variety of creative and thought-provoking topics.

Alux is ten years old and has over 4 million subscribers. They talk about luxury lifestyle topics.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands more faceless YouTube channels on the YouTube platform.

It makes sense to go faceless for several reasons. If you’re ready to start your YouTune channel and want to do so anonymously, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of 15 faceless YouTube channel ideas to inspire you.

These faceless Youtube channel ideas all have one thing in common. They don’t require you to show your face!

This can be an incredibly exciting prospect for people who’ve been on the fence about being a YouTuber because they didn’t want to show their faces. It’s always been possible to be a faceless YouTube creator, but I love that more attention is being put on it.

It’s a great business idea for introverts and gives more creators a chance to break into YouTube!

Faceless YouTube channels give creators a chance to break into YouTube without showing their face!

Browse through these YouTube channel ideas to find inspiration and get your mind exploring what topic you can launch your YouTube channel around.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This is the soothing, tingly feeling some people experience when they watch and/or listen to sensory-provoking sights and sounds, like:

Hair brushing
Chewing food
Tapping on solid surfaces
Running your fingertips across soft or fluffy surfaces

This YouTube channel idea can be quite broad. There are so many different kinds of ASMR that exist. You’ll never run out of faceless content ideas for your YouTube channel.

It’s recently seen an explosion in growth over the past few years as the pandemic kept people around the world indoors and seeking an outlet for relaxation and comfort.

ASMR provided that stress relief and, as a result, grew by over 100% from 2021 to 2022!

2. Gardening

Gardening is a broad and diverse niche that can include anything from:

Container gardening
Apartment gardening
Indoor gardens
Outdoor gardens
Fruit and vegetable gardening

Create faceless YouTube videos sharing your gardening journey, from buying supplies to planting seeds, the growth progress, and more.

Talk about tips and tricks to ward off insects, grow plants strong and healthy, when to harvest, what to look for, etc. There are so many faceless content ideas you can explore here!

3. Meditation

Meditation can provide stress relief and comfort to people. Up to 500 million people meditate worldwide, with over 14% of Americans having meditated at least once in their life.

You can teach meditation and provide guided meditation practices using YouTube. 

Breathing techniques
Chakra balancing
Mindful movement

There are many channels doing this successfully, doing voiceover, and guiding the audience on how to meditate while a relaxing, mesmerizing stock video or stock image displays across the screen.

4. News

Share the latest news developments happening using your YouTube channel. This is a YouTube niche anybody can explore.

It can include weather and natural disaster updates, trending or viral news, local, regional, or national news. You could also cover news bloopers or funny moments caught on the news.

Here are more faceless content ideas for this niche:

Inform the public about the latest news happening in an area
Share your opinion on news, local and/or national
Create news compilation videos

5. Tutorials/DIY

Teach something. You can show others how to learn a skill on a faceless YouTube channel through illustration, demonstration, and voiceover.

Some examples include:


The options are abundant in this niche. You can even go less mainstream and more niche with ideas like organic creations, interactive art installations, or historical DIY, to name a few.

Upload footage demonstrating what you’re teaching without showing your face.

This is a good niche for longer videos, which is perfect for getting more watch time and potentially earning more through YouTube’s Partner Program.

Get creative, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box here.

6. Technology

Technology is a popular niche that is here to stay. A faceless YouTube channel in the technology niche could showcase tech reviews or talk about the latest tech developments, trends, and forecasts.

Creators passionate about technology could really shine in this YouTube niche. And, if you pair this with affiliate marketing for monetization, this could be a very lucrative niche to be in!

You could share your affiliate link in the video description and potentially earn a lot from commissions alone!

Demonstrate new tech
Give commentary on tech news
DIY or tutorials on tech products

7. Reviews

Review stuff. This can be fashion, food, toys, video games, etc. Amazon reviews are a popular topic that YouTubers often film. You can also review digital products like courses, software, etc.

Some ideas:

Unboxing video
“Day in the Life” videos incorporating product reviews

Focus on reviewing one kind of product or review multiple things, your choice!

Reviews are great because you can openly share your opinion, be authentic, and truly connect with the viewer, all while remaining anonymous!

8. Illustration/Drawing

Teach drawing, illustration, painting, or art. Or, share something with your audience using illustration and drawing to talk about your points. 

Some artsy channel ideas include:

Watercolor painting

Or teach how-to’s using text, writing, and illustration.

Art is universal and has a broad appeal, so you have the opportunity to connect with subscribers on a global scale. Connect with your audience and captivate them with your artistic skills.

Teach what you do or simply create and film your work in a behind-the-scenes approach.

9. Gaming

Film yourself gaming. Review games or video games. Stream yourself. There are so many directions you can take with this.

You can talk aloud while you game, as you normally would if you weren’t filming, or you can go quiet; it’s your choice.

Either way, your viewers are in for some entertainment as they watch you strategize, go through levels, and defeat opponents while you play.

10. City Tours

Film walking or driving tours of your city. Talk about the city, culture, and history of the area. This is great background content that people watch for hours.

You’d be surprised how easy it is for your subscribers to put on a walking tour of New York City or Las Vegas in the background as they work remotely from their living room couch or home office.

However, this isn’t the kind of content you can film in your house. For this YouTube channel idea, you’ve got to go out and film the content firsthand.

That means, for walking tours, actually walk the city you’re touring or, for driving tours, taking your car out for a long drive and filming it.

For an ASMR approach, go quiet and just let the city background noise or driving noises be the main focus along the sights and scenes you film.

Or, for a true tour guide feel, add voiceover during or after your film so you can share information about what your viewers are seeing and hearing.

11. True Crime

Tell a story about a true crime that happened. Share all the riveting details, highlight the facts, and talk about your opinion or the perspective of others.

Intrigue your audience
Provide an indulgent, hard-to-resist storyline
Encourage community involvement
Inform and educate

12. Motivational or Inspirational

Motivate and inspire others by sharing motivational quotes, including:

Spiritual quotes/scriptures
Inspirational/self-help quotes

You can connect with viewers using your content, and you don’t even have to show your face!

Express yourself creatively, form a connection with your target audience, and never get bored with the abundance of sub-niches that exist, like:

Time management
Building confidence

13. Commentary

Showcase a story or post a short film and talk about it, like a trending story or news development, celebrity feud, gossip, or other commentary.

People want to know the juicy details, so once your viewers land on your videos, it might be hard for them to turn away or escape from binge-watching more of your content!

14. Book Reviews

For book readers and enthusiasts, sharing your favorites on YouTube is a cool way to discuss your opinions without showing your face.

Book reviews
Book recommendations
Best books for college students, busy corporates, housewives, digital nomads, etc.

This is a high-engagement niche, as book lovers are a passionate crowd. If they like your suggestions, you can expect this loyal audience to come back time and time again, helping increase traffic on your videos!

15. Arts and Crafts

Create a DIY channel on arts and crafts you make, where you can show others step-by-step how to make your creations, tutorial-style.

Here are some video creation ideas:

Halloween costumes

This is perfect for any crafty goods you can handmake and teach to others.

Bottom Line

The list of faceless YouTube channel ideas that exist is endless. These 15 ideas should get your creativity juices flowing, so you can take one of them to run with or spark your own ideas!

Becoming a faceless YouTuber isn’t much different than starting a YouTube channel that shows your face. You’ll still go through the process of finding a YouTube niche, then launching your YouTube channel free on the platform. 

Next, once your YouTube channel is up and running, you can focus on YouTube growth and learn how to monetize and make money on YouTube.

If you’re interested in getting started on the right foot, TubeBuddy is a great tool to help you with your faceless YouTube channel growth and make sure you’re hitting all the right notes with your content.

This is an exciting venture, and there’s no better time for creators to start than right now!

What’s the most exciting part about launching your faceless YouTube channel?

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