3 examples of one-question surveys from Instagram, Pinterest & more | by Rosie Hoggmascall | Nov, 2023

How do get your assumptions tested? Here’s how.

Too many product teams think they do enough user research when they don’t. They keep launching features that have no impact.

Then they do it over and over again until you have a product with loads of features but no significant user growth.

One way to stop this is to test assumptions before building something. To get feedback early and often through user research.

User research can be tricky for a number of reasons. One of those is response rates, i.e. getting people to give you feedback.

The average response rate across all surveys for instance is a measly 5–30%.

That’s low.

The key question to answer is how do you make sure your questions get answered? How do you engage the lower intent cohorts who don’t really care about your business?

Enter: one-question surveys.

I first learned about these from Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach and author of Continuous Discovery Habits. I went on her Assumption Testing course earlier this year and loved it (highly recommend her book and courses).

Example of a one-question survey. Idk about you, but I remember what my past roles were so won’t be picking ‘I don’t know’ anytime soon 😂

I learned that one-question surveys are used to test assumptions. The benefit is that they are simple and used in the user experience. These two things lead to higher response rates than a survey via email (like these).

They’re also quick to launch and quick to collect data (if they’re put in the right place). You can get lots of responses within a short time due to those higher response rates.

You may have seen:

How satisfied were you with the service today? 😃 😊 😒 😠

Other common one-question surveys include: exit surveys, where did you hear about us surveys (WDYHAU), net promoter score (NPS) surveys, polls and consumer or employee pulse surveys.

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