Alien Art Charts Launches Video Chart Builder for Content Creators

Alien Art Charts unveils a game-changing video chart builder to easily create data visualization, bar chart race videos, comparison videos, and other viral charts that work well for faceless YouTube channels. The platform equips content creators with powerful tools to produce captivating, data-driven content.

Alien Art Charts has launched a video chart builder designed to empower content creators with tools for making exciting and sophisticated content. The platform offers various features, including bar chart race videos, comparison videos, line chart race videos, map chart race videos, table chart race videos, and any combinations of those.

“The launch of Alien Art Charts is part of our efforts to revolutionize how content creators generate and present data-driven content,” says Hayk Hovhannisyan, the founder of Alien Art Software. “Our tool simplifies the video creation process, making it accessible and efficient for users of all skill levels.”

Alien Art Charts provides an intuitive interface that allows users to create engaging video content in under 10 minutes.

How to get started?

The simplest way to create a chart begins by signing in at, navigating to the “Statistics” section, and selecting a dataset. Content creators can filter the data by category, country, and year and choose their desired entries. The “Create Project” button initiates the project that already contains the selected data. After this, the design of the project can be customized.

The final step involves exporting the project in a video format. The platform supports various project types, with approximately 12 options currently available. The tool ensures that even complex data visualizations are easy to produce.

A detailed tutorial is available, which shows how easy it is to create a bar chart race video. Content creators are guided through every step, from dataset selection to video export.

“Whether users are seasoned professionals or passionate learners, our step-by-step guides are tailored to enhance their skills and explore new horizons,” explains Hovhannisyan.

Advanced features

One of the popular formats of viral videos is called comparison. It allows multiple items to be presented next to each other. The goal is to enable the viewer to see the progression of a chosen topic or to compare the similarities or differences of selected items.

To help with the customization, the platform supports 1,400+ fonts, emojis, and multiple styles of country flags and allows uploading images and videos. The view of the comparison can be fully customized, and to simplify the process, the tool has a set of ready-to-use templates.

Empowering content creators

With these features, Hovhannisyan says Alien Art Charts is committed to supporting content creators with tools and live support. The live-support widget has been updated to ensure users receive timely assistance.

Alien Art Charts also has an Affiliate program that shares part of the revenue to help creators earn additional income. Any creator can participate in it without limitations.

“Our goal is to make data visualization and video creation accessible to everyone, and we are continually improving our platform based on user feedback,” shares Hovhannisyan.

For more information, visit the Alien Art Charts website at or contact the support team at

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