Amazon Offers Only $25 per Sponsored Video for its Inspire Platform, Asks for 500 Submissions

Influencers are thriving with offers from companies or brands in promoting products, but this seems to not be the case for Amazon, especially as its latest offer seems to sell these creators short, offering $25 per video. This caught a significant backlash from online content creators, particularly as this is significantly far from what is offered by other businesses. 

Amazon promises a total of $12,500 which may seem to be a good price, but this consists of a maximum of 500 videos to submit to rack up this rate, but will only have a month to do so. 

Amazon Offers Only $25 Per Video for Inspire Platform

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A user has shared an email from Amazon that invites them to submit video reviews of different products found on the e-commerce platform, but there is a catch: it has a rate of $25 per video submission. This new initiative from Amazon is for its Inspire platform, a TikTok-like shopping app that uses videos and content from influencers to promote a product. 

Amazon claimed that this is a limited-time only incentive from the company, and would soon close its doors to submissions by next month. 

According to a Bloomberg report, Jazmine Flores, a beauty content creator, questioned Amazon’s rates and requirements for users, especially with this massive proposition. Being in the skincare niche, Flores needs to research and try out the product before creating content that reviews or recommends it.

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500 Videos for $12,500-Amazon’s Proposition

Going back to the email, Amazon claimed that it can accept a maximum number of 500 videos, and multiply that by $25, a single content creator may receive as much as $12,500 for the entire project. 

However, note that this is for 500 videos, and this is still subject to Amazon’s criteria if the influencer will get paid. 

Content Creators and Influencers

Content creators and influencers have various reasons for doing what they do online, with some being passionate about creating content for viewers, and some making a career out of this discipline. One of the most renowned content creators of the present is none other than Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known as MrBeast, who at one point, gained 9.2 million subscribers in a month.

Social media platforms are also known for partnering with content creators to post content on their websites and apps to generate more audience usage and more. One example was when Instagram was pushing for Reels’ popularity among the public, it gave influencers a massive bonus for every video, amounting to as much as $10,000 per upload.

There is also X’s (f.k.a. Twitter) ad revenue program where users may earn money from the advertisements that appear on their reply threads. 

Many platforms revere and partner with content creators and influencers to promote various products and services, but with Amazon’s new offer, it was met with criticism, especially for its massive monthly and annual revenue, but undersells creators in review videos.

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