Atlanta Georgia Bicycle Helmet Laws and Safety Regulations

Whenever you are riding your bicycle, you must make sure that you wear all the safety gadgets, such as helmets and joint guards. In Atlanta, Georgia, law enforcement has its own rules and regulations regarding your safety while riding a bicycle. If you get involved in an accident and you are a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, consider seeking assistance from LawBike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers. With the help of their professionals and expertise, you can understand the helmet laws and safety regulations in Atlanta, Georgia.

Understanding the Atlanta, Georgia helmet laws.

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are some rules and regulations to follow so that you can avoid getting involved in an accident. As you know, while riding a bicycle, you let yourself wide open in comparison to cars and other vehicles. Therefore, according to Atlanta Georgia helmet laws, cyclists must wear a helmet while riding on a motor vehicle path or bike lanes. This law is for the safety of all cyclists, and if not followed properly, you will face some penalties.

Choosing the appropriate helmet.

While choosing a helmet for yourself, the first thing you must do is make sure that the helmet is a proper fit for you. You can understand that a helmet is a proper fit if it sits properly on your head and covers your forehead. The next thing you must see is that your helmet meets with safety-measured organizations that are known for their product’s rigorous testing for protection purposes.

Sometimes, you choose a helmet that has no ventilation, which leads to suffocation. Therefore, make sure that your helmet has ventilation so that you can ride freely. In addition, choose a helmet with reflective tape on it; this will help you look visible to other vehicles at night.

Safety regulations in Atlanta, Georgia –

Safety regulations for cyclists in Atlanta, Georgia, are:

1. Obey the traffic laws.

Even if you are a cyclist, you have to make sure that you obey all the traffic laws, just as you do with other vehicles. Do not breach any laws that can lead to accidents or cause harm to others. 

2. Use hand signals.

As you know, on bicycles, there are no indicators that can give indications to other vehicles to anticipate your movement. Hence, you must make sure that you use hand signals to signify to other vehicles about your actions, whether you are turning or stopping.

3. Be alert.

When you are riding a bicycle, you must stay attentive and avoid getting diverted. Avoid using phones while riding, do not text others while riding, avoid listening to music, and do not drink alcohol while driving. 

Contact a lawyer today!

Getting involved in an accident can be damaging financially and physically; therefore, make sure you schedule an appointment with your injury lawyer and follow all the rules and regulations.

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