Atlantbh Implements AI to Streamline the Client’s Customer Service

In today’s dynamic market, businesses strive to stay ahead. Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer an option but a strategic necessity. For the past seven years, Atlantbh, a software development company, has assisted international clients in enhancing efficiency and refining operations through cutting-edge AI technologies.

“A few years back, we used AI to analyze text and extract common business attributes, such as business category, address, and operating hours from an unstructured text, a previously time-consuming process for humans. The efficiency of validating the business attributes, our main use case, was increased by 80%,” says Samra Tanovic, VP of Analytics and Services.

The main criterion for enhancing problem-solving efficiency is identifying excessively manual processes that do not scale well with product growth or areas where customer experiences could be improved through personalization or automation. Machine Learning (ML) is crucial when desired behaviors cannot be accurately expressed in software logic alone.

Atlantbh’s expertise was recently demonstrated in a successful collaboration on a project aimed at enhancing customer support ticket classification for a large international client. The company came up with an AI-assisted solution to categorize customer inquiries, issues, or complaints accurately. This meant replacing the previous manual procedures that often led to misclassifications, causing delays in issue resolution and customer frustration. The implementation of this model reduced the time spent correcting misclassifications, increasing responsiveness and efficiency.

“By implementing the proposed approach, our primary goal was to significantly improve the accuracy and operational efficiency of the customer support ticket classification system. We exceeded the estimated accuracy of the existing solution, which was around 80%. It turned out that in production, the proposed model for customer support ticket classification has an accuracy of an impressive 98%, which significantly exceeds even its initially estimated accuracy,” said Anja Plakalovic, Data Analyst at Atlantbh.

Atlantbh specializes in crafting customized software development solutions, drawing upon over twenty years of experience with high-profile clients and industry leaders, including several Fortune 500 companies. For tailored solutions to streamline and optimize business processes, reach out to Atlantbh. Clients will be met with a strategic approach specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

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