Batme And Ximer Unveil “Mirage” – The Summer Anthem Of 2024

Poland-born, Spain-based electronic music producer Batme teams up with Mumbai-born and based artist Ximer to release their highly anticipated track, “Mirage.” This energetic and positive summer anthem, filled with dynamic granulars and vibrant vox synths, is set to make waves worldwide starting today on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs).

A Collaboration Rooted in Shared Passion

The inspiration for “Mirage” stemmed from a mutual desire to create a track that both Batme and Ximer could feel deeply connected to, tapping into a genre that remains undefined yet profoundly felt by both artists. Drawing heavy influence from the legendary Flume, who pioneered this unique sound, Batme and Ximer have infused their own creative twists to craft a song that is truly one-of-a-kind.

A Year in the Making

The journey to “Mirage” began a year ago when Batme and Ximer started their collaborative efforts. Over the past three months, the duo focused intensively on perfecting the track, iterating several times to ensure every element was just right. The result is a song that encapsulates the essence of summer with its vibrant energy and positivity, devoid of audible lyrics but rich with a captivating vox synth. “Working with Ximer was incredibly creative and fast-paced. We kept pushing each other to explore new sounds and ideas until ‘Mirage’ was exactly what we envisioned. It’s a track that truly represents both of us,” says Batme.

Batme’s Unique Sound and Visual Mastery

Batme is renowned for his unique sound, characterized by innovative production techniques and a keen attention to detail. His dedication to visual artistry is also evident in the stunning visualizer for “Mirage,” which is available now on YouTube. This visualizer brings the song to life, enhancing the listening experience with captivating and dynamic visuals that reflect the track’s energy and vibe.

A Worldwide Release

“Mirage” is available worldwide from July 7, 2024, on all major DSPs. Fans of both artists can expect a track that not only stands out but also elevates their respective catalogs, which have been steadily growing on platforms like Spotify.

Looking Ahead

Fans won’t have to wait long for more music from Batme. A new collaboration with a Hungarian artist based in London is set to drop in just a few weeks, promising more innovative sounds and exciting new directions.

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