Brooklyn Wills Attorney Yana Feldman Discusses Living Wills in New Article

Brooklyn wills attorney Yana Feldman ( of New York Legacy Lawyers has recently published an informative article titled, “What Is A Living Will And How Does It Work?”. This comprehensive piece aims to educate individuals on the importance and functionality of living wills, a crucial aspect of estate planning that ensures one’s medical wishes are respected when they can no longer communicate them.

Brooklyn wills attorney Yana Feldman highlights that while many people are familiar with the concept of a traditional will, which designates the distribution of assets after death, fewer understand the significance of a living will. “A living will is essential because it outlines your medical care preferences if you become incapacitated,” notes Feldman. This document can prevent unnecessary suffering and relieve loved ones from making agonizing decisions during stressful times.

In her article, Brooklyn wills attorney Yana Feldman explains that a living will allows individuals to specify their wishes regarding life-prolonging treatments, such as artificial respiration, chemotherapy, and other medical interventions. “With advancements in medical technology, it’s possible to keep a body functioning indefinitely, even if the brain is no longer active,” says Feldman. “A living will ensures that your wishes regarding such treatments are known and respected.”

The article describes the details of life-prolonging treatments, which include medications, dialysis, CPR, and surgeries that might extend life in critical situations. Feldman emphasizes the importance of specifying these preferences, noting that one can choose to receive pain management without opting for life-prolonging measures. This distinction allows individuals to maintain comfort without undergoing extensive and possibly unwanted medical procedures.

Brooklyn wills attorney Yana Feldman also addresses the concept of advanced directives, which provide doctors with explicit instructions on the type of care to administer if a patient is in a vegetative state or has suffered severe brain damage. “Advanced directives are crucial for ensuring that your healthcare providers follow your specific wishes, even if you can no longer communicate them yourself,” explains Feldman.

The article further explores long-term palliative care, designed to keep patients comfortable in cases where recovery is not possible. Feldman discusses the emotional and financial burden that long-term care can impose on families. “A living will can help mitigate these challenges by clearly stating your preferences and sparing your loved ones from making difficult decisions,” she says.

One significant aspect of a living will is the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. Feldman explains that a DNR prevents healthcare providers from performing life-saving measures, such as CPR, if a patient’s heart stops. This order ensures that individuals are not kept alive in a vegetative state or required to endure prolonged palliative care. “A DNR respects your wishes to avoid a diminished quality of life and protects your family from the associated emotional and financial strains,” adds Feldman.

The article clarifies the differences between a living will and a traditional last will and testament. While a living will focuses on healthcare decisions during one’s lifetime, a traditional will outlines the distribution of assets and the appointment of guardians for dependents after death. Brooklyn wills attorney Yana Feldman stresses the importance of having both documents to ensure comprehensive estate planning.

For those seeking to understand the nuances of living wills, this article by attorney Yana Feldman is a recommended read. Whether to outline medical preferences or secure one’s assets and legacy, the article serves as a valuable piece for comprehending what living wills are and how they work.

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