Choosing Baghouse Filter Bags Suppliers? Tysum Sets the Standard

Tysum leads baghouse filter bags suppliers with over 23 years of expertise, advanced design, and engineering services, and robust supply chain capabilities. Choose Tysum.

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Main Markets: Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa

Main Products: Baghouse dust collectors, Cartridge dust collectors, filter bags

Introducing Tysum: A Leader in Filtration

Tysum is outstanding as a foremost fabricator of air filtrationsolutions boasting of over 23 years experience in the industry. The expertise and strategic positioning of Tysum with five state-of-the-art facilities in the key industrial regions of China enable it to have a sound ground for enhanced delivery of products. These are the properties located in Guangdong province, Jiangsu province, Hunan province, Jiangxi province and Sichuan province which enhance their sourcing and production capabilities.

In respect to Tysum’s main lines of production, their baghouse filter bags and cartridge dust collectors represent 40% of their business. Their products are widely used in different manufacturing sectors, including automobile, foundry, hardware processing, rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, lithium batteries and electronics. This wide application spectrum underscores their versatility and reliability in dust control solutions.

Advanced Supply Chain Capabilities

Their supply chain skills have been the mainstay of their success. It is equipped with specialized workshops for sheet metal processing, equipment welding, coating and assembly in five factories covering 10,000 square meters. It has an extensive infrastructure that ensures effective and efficient production processes thereby minimizing stockpiling of inventory while ensuring a constant supply of raw materials.

More than 200 factory workers and over 10 technical experts enhance their robust supply chain. The company’s manufacturing technologists are using sophisticated technology from different parts of the world to continuously refine Tysum’s production methods thus meeting international quality and environmental standards. Another factor that enhances the company’s ability to deliver high quality products quickly and efficiently is its digitalized and informatory based systems for supply chain management.

Superior Product Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of Tysum’s baghouse filter bags are exceptional, which makes them to stand out.

Here are the main advantages:

High Dust Removal Efficiency: For example, Tysum uses premium materials from renowned brands such as BWF® and Toray® and this helps its filter bags to attain up to 99% efficiency in removing fine dust. The high efficiency levels mean that the air is cleaner and safer for people in a variety of industrial operations.

Versatile Applications: Equally important, Tysum’s filter bags are designed for handling varying amounts of particle pollution. In addition, they are applicable in mining industry, metal working, welding, laser cutting, grinding, blasting, sandblasting, food industry processing, powder spraying and chemical manufacturing among others. This compatibility with many industries meets different requirements in commerce at large.

Durable Construction: The material used to make these filters includes PPS, PTFE etc. among others that can withstand high temperature corrosion resistance wear. These heavy duty fabrics ensure long term functioning in harsh environments.

Multiple Certifications: Also, it is important to point out that their products have met various international standards and certifications including BSCI, ISO RoHS and TUV amongst others. The given certifications assure customers about the quality of their filters while ensuring environmental friendliness on top of all other things.

Ease of Installation: For instance , any user friendly product design installed by ease is prioritized by Tysum when manufacturing its filters. They are designed for easy changing hence reducing downtime thus enabling production lines to keep moving without unnecessary breakdowns or stops occurring due to cleaning.

These benefits underscore why so many industries prefer Tysum’s baghouse filter bags when they need effective tools against dust pollution.

Customizable Design and Engineering

Tysum does well in presenting flexible designs and engineering services which ensure that their products suit the unique requirements of each client.

These are the most important benefits:

Various sizes and specifications: Tysum offers a variety of filter bag sizes and specifications which can be customized to adapt to different temperatures, humidity, dust particle sizes and chemical properties. This customization ensures that their filter bags perform best under various applications as well as dust collection requirements.

Professional Design and Engineering Services: The team of engineers working with Tysum is highly involved in the designing process. They walked through all aspects of the project requirement details. Such recommendations involve provision of suitable designs for filter bags will thus ensure that the ultimate product meets client’s needs perfectly. The ability to do it within one day shows how efficient they are in their work, hence ensuring prompt service delivery.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Tysum has extensive experience from various industries hence appreciating the varying needs for each application. Such tailor-made air filtration systems are designed according to emission requirements from the targeted market. This guarantees that their products not just fulfill but exceed industry standards regarding dust removal and filtration.

These advantages through personalization would lead customers to get specific answers to their unique problems. Thus, this level of user tailoring is highly essential due to improved efficiency leading to higher productivity while ensuring competitive advantages in terms of dust control system and air purifying purposes.

Exceptional Customer Support

One of the most important aspect that Tysum does is provide customer support. For example, their technical team can tackle issues with dust collectors or filtration equipment within a day after inquiries. This ensures that clients won’t experience much downtime while maintaining its efficiency.

Besides, Tysum provides an extensive warranty which has 12 months for air filtration solutions and 24 months for dust collectors. To ensure rapid response and replacement parts for clients in needs, wear parts are covered with a one year warranty. This indicates how much the company values customers’ satisfaction and desires to make its products perform better and remain effective also as well as reliable they have promised their buyers they would be.

Comprehensive Pre-Sales and After-Sales Support

As per the company’s mission, Tysum is committed to excellent pre-sales and after-sales support hence meeting customer satisfaction and maintaining product performance.

Advantages of their support services are as follows:

Technical Support: Tysum has a well-trained team of technicians who provide strong technical support when it comes to dust collectors and filtration equipment. A response will be made within 24 hours by them in case you make an inquiry thereby ensuring that all your operational issues are managed promptly. Moreover, the air filtration solutions from Tysum come with one year warranty while two years warranty covers entire machinery; therefore, this ensures customers’ reliability and peace of mind.

Spare Parts Supplying: Tysum offers these parts because they know how important quick solutions are. Dust collectors have a 2-year warranty while wear parts like filter bags have a 12-month coverage period. Thus, Tysum can always count on for timely help or replacements whenever components go bad or break down completely owing to its extensive cover policy. Customers’ operations are delivered through assisting engineers who guarantee no delays.

These comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services highlight Tysum’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their proactive approach to support. They can rely on efficient solutions provided by Tysum so as not only to operate their dust collection and filtration systems without any glitches but also ensure that they work reliably too.

Why Choose Tysum? Take Action Now

Deciding on Tysum means collaborating with an air filtration solution leader who has been in the industry for over twenty years and recognized as excellent. They have advanced supply chain capability, superior product quality, flexible design choices and excellent customer service, making them a perfect fit for businesses who want effective dust collection solutions.

Take action now to enjoy from Tysum’s skills and dedication to excellence. With baghouse filter bags or cartridge dust collectors that you need to improve your dust control efforts and enhance your productivity, Tysum is the answer.

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Company: Tysum


Phone: 021-59949560



Headquarters: Building C, No. 888, Huanhu West 2nd Road, Lingang New Area, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone;

Sichuan Factory: Donghai Road, Jiaolong Industrial Port, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province;

Jiangsu Factory: Shuixiu Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province; Hunan Factory: Mingcheng Green Valley Smart Industrial Park, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone;

Jiangxi Factory: Taiken Road, Taihe County Industrial Park, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province;

Guangdong Factory: HNA Plaza, Shida Road, Jinju Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Media Contact
Company Name: Tysum
Email: Send Email
Phone: 021-59949560
Address:Building C, No. 888, Huanhu West 2nd Road, Lingang New Area, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
City: Shanghai
Country: China

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