Chris Long On SEO Strategy & SEO Testing

In part one, we learned about Chris Long and his experience working with Bill Slawski. Then, in part two, we spoke about helping people with SEO on LinkedIn and using Facebook for a career change. Now, in part three, we spoke about SEO strategy and SEO testing.

Chris said SEO strategy starts with having a clear goal, and often, the goals are revenue or leads. But you need to figure out how to make that happen for that website and company; how do you generate revenue or leads? He gave some examples of how to succeed with those SEO goals. Sometimes it is also about thinking about new markets to enter to achieve your SEO strategy and goals.

For most clients, the SEO strategy is leads and revenue. But sometimes, it might make sense to review a public company’s earnings reports and earnings calls to see what goals you can figure out from there. The weirdest goals may be related to reputation management, but the most interesting thing is that the goals may be very diverse. Chris shared a bunch of neat examples that are very helpful to help us understand this concept.

SEO testing is a super fascinating area because of how hard it is to isolate variables in the test. Chris explained there is almost no such thing as a perfect SEO test. He does not like to use only traffic as your primary SEO KPI. Chris went through reasons on why it is so hard and strategies to do the best SEO tests as possible.

You always need a business case behind each SEO test. Like, if you increase clicks or CTR, how can that impact revenue or leads?

More to come…

You can learn more about Chris Long on LinkedIn or Twitter @gofishchris.

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