Daily Search Forum Recap: July 10, 2024

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

The Google volatility tracking tools showed some big movement from Google but the SEO community doesn’t seem to sync up on that. Google Ads is enabling broad match by default for new search campaigns. Bing Search now hides coupons in the explore menu. Google is testing shifting the logo right. Google is testing from sources across the web with a web overlay.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

Tools Show July 9th Google Search Ranking Volatility But Chatter Limited

Many of the Google Search ranking volatility tracking tools are showing a spike in volatility over the past day or so. But I need to say that the chatter is pretty limited, relatively limited, compared to what the tools are showing. I am wondering if maybe the tools picked up on some of those indexing issues from the other night or maybe there is something deeper going on?

Google Ads Enabling Broad Match By Default For New Search Campaigns

Google now enables broad match by default when you create new search campaigns within Google Ads. Previously, this was not on by default, but now it is, according to Thomas Eccel, a Google Ads consultant.

Google Tests From Sources Across The Web Overlay

Google seems to be testing a new user experience for the “from sources across the web” search feature. Instead of showing a carousel or content on the search results page, Google is testing popping up an overlay that you can scroll through with more details.

Bing Search Now Shows Coupons In The Explore Menu

Bing Search is now showing coupons deeper in the search results interface, where you now need to click (or hover over) the explore menu icon to see them. Previously, Bing would show these as buttons or labels under the search result snippets, which make them more visible for the searcher.

Google Tests Shifting Google Logo Right In Search Results

Google is testing shifting the Google logo on the search results page to the right. Instead of it showing on the left with nothing below it, Google shifted it to the right, aligned left with the search result listings.

Google Car Parking Permit

Here is a photo of a Google parking permit for the Central Way Plaza location, which I think is in Kirkland, Seattle. This was shared on X. I don’t think I’ve shared a Google parking permit before, so here you go.

Other Great Search Threads:

FYI @facan this subdomain of microsoft .com is hacked and being abused. Also FYI @searchliaison Google is showing explicit content hosted on this domain in Google Discover which it shouldn’t as per policies, Gagan Ghotra on X

I’m confident that “Live, Busier than usual” on the popular times graph is considered “hot” and thus a potential for boosting.” Check out my blog for Google api reference and data supporting this ranking boost., ClaudiaT on X

Google is broken for branded search imo. I see messages like these every week., Mark Williams-Cook on X

If you trust StatCounter data 🙂 -> Search engine market share data for June 2024: Google increased its overall share in the US for June to 87.48%. Mobile increased to 95.1%, but desktop share decreased to 74.4% — as Bing increased, Glenn Gabe on X

Newsletter: Goldman Sachs has called BS on Generative AI, and I believe that it’s time that everybody follows suit – generative AI is unreliable, unsustainable, requires an entire rebuild of America’s power grid, and is most decidedl, Ed Zitron on X

SEO Tip: Now that Google has switched to pagination, you can see 100 results in the SERP at once. Just add “&num=100” to the end of the search URL: This is an extremely useful feature that Google took away when they switched to infi, Chris Long on X

So, Google Chrome gives all *.google.com sites full access to system / tab CPU usage, GPU usage, and memory usage. It also gives access to detailed processor information, and provides a logging backchannel. This API, Luca Casonato on X

You can Bing it too, Mr. President, Michael Schechter on X

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