Deep Dive on David Tyler’s Featured Book “God’s Funeral: Trading the Sacred for the Secular”

Challenging readers to rediscover their relationship with God

For many Christians, the modern world seems increasingly secular. Houses of worship see declining attendance, and psychological solutions often take precedence over spiritual guidance. David Tyler’s book, “God’s Funeral: Trading the Sacred for the Secular,” delves into this phenomenon, offering a thought-provoking critique of the current state of Christianity.

Tyler argues that the church has become overly reliant on secular concepts like psychology, neglecting its core theological foundation. He uses the metaphor of a funeral – God’s funeral – to represent the decline of the sacred in our approach to faith. This decline, he suggests, has led to a focus on self-improvement and earthly well-being, pushing aside the transcendent aspects of religion.

The book doesn’t shy away from challenging some commonly held beliefs within the church. Tyler critiques the trend of incorporating psychological principles into sermons and counseling, arguing that it diminishes the power of scripture and God’s grace. He emphasizes the importance of seeking spiritual answers, not just therapeutic solutions, to life’s challenges.

One reader said, “If you are a Christian this is a must read. It sets the record straight when it comes to psychology versus true biblical counseling,”

“God’s Funeral” isn’t simply a critique; it’s also a call to action. Tyler encourages readers to rediscover the sacred elements of Christianity. He emphasizes the importance of scripture, prayer, and a life lived in service to God.

It’s important to note that God’s Funeral: Trading the Sacred for the Secular is primarily directed towards Christians, particularly those seeking a more traditional theological grounding. Readers of other faiths or those with a more secular worldview may find some arguments less applicable. However, the book’s exploration of the tension between the sacred and secular remains relevant in a broader context.

For one of Tyler’s readers, the book perfectly describes the slippery slope that led to the psychologizing of Christianity, and he could not put it down.

“God’s Funeral” may not be comfortable reading for everyone, but it offers a valuable opportunity for introspection. By prompting a critical examination of the current state of Christianity, the book can be a catalyst for a more meaningful and authentic faith experience.

Tyler is also the author of other Biblical Counseling Books like Deceptive Diagnosis: When Sin is Called Sickness, Grief: Over a Lonely Darkness, Jesus Christ: Self-Denial or Self-Esteem, and Self-Esteem: Are We Really Better than We Think?

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About David Tyler

David Tyler is the Director of Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center in Fairview Heights, Illinois and the dean of the Biblical Counseling Department for Master’s International University of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. He is also an author of Christian Biblical Counseling Books.

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