Discover a Revolutionary Perspective on Business Economics in ‘The Living Firm: A Journey into a Different Conception’ by Salvatore Vicari

In a world where the complexity of systems is ever-increasing, Salvatore Vicari’s new book, ‘The Living Firm: A Journey into a Different Conception,’ offers a groundbreaking perspective on business economics. Scientists from various fields have long explored complex behaviors, leading to the development of innovative theories in systems, cybernetics, cognitive science, and the constructivist movement.

The author Salvatore Vicari’s book aligns with this cutting-edge research, presenting a theory of the firm that boldly challenges traditional views. At the heart of this compelling book is the two fundamental ideas. First, it encourages readers to view businesses from a unique standpoint, providing a fresh and transformative understanding.

Second, it suggests that today’s business challenges stem from their cognitive dimension. The central thesis of the book is that businesses, as cognitive, social systems, are entirely self-referential and thrive through continuous self-creation.

The author’s approach offers readers a new lens through which to understand the dynamic and complex nature of modern businesses. By integrating insights from various scientific disciplines, he provides a comprehensive framework that is both thought-provoking and practical.

‘The Living Firm: A Journey into a Different Conception‘ by Salvatore Vicari is a result of extensive research and innovative thinking of a talented author, which has earned him recognition in academic and professional circles alike.

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About the Author:

Salvatore Vicari, commonly known as Salvio Vicari, is an academic and professional in business theory, marketing, innovation management, and technology. Born in 1951 in Como, he is married, a father of two children, and a grandfather of four grandchildren.

Book Name: The Living Firm: A Journey into a Different Conception

Author Name: Salvatore Vicari


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