Discover Laura Laytham’s Fascinating Journey in Her New Book “Hack Chick: A Coming of Age Story of a Girl and the Internet”

Hack Chick by Laura Laytham has been described as one of the most exciting coming of age books of 2024. Explore the hacker conferences Laura attended like HOPE, Pumpcon, Summercon, Defcon, and BlackHat.

From navigating the cutting-edge world of 90s hacker subculture to impactful #MeToo revelations, Laura Laytham’s new book, “Hack Chick: A Coming of Age Story of a Girl and the Internet,” promises a heartfelt and thrilling coming of age adventure. As of today, this compelling story is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats.

In “Hack Chick,” author Laura Laytham shares her unique journey of growing up as both she and the Internet evolved during the mid-90s. A raw, candid, and often humorous exploration of her life, this book invites readers into the hacker subculture that few outsiders truly understand. Purchase your copy from Amazon (

Hack Chick follows Laytham’s adventures in life and love, portraying milestones that shaped her identity. Follow young Laura as she loses her virginity to an older man, meets her first boyfriend in the infamous IRC #hack chat channel, and embarks on exciting travels to various hacker conventions. Each chapter opens a window into the vibrant, unpredictable world of hacking, revealing how the community’s culture influenced her personal growth.

Fans of true-life stories will find especially intriguing Laytham’s account of moving to Australia to help set up an Internet service provider—a twist in her journey where she eventually crosses paths with Julian Assange. By the time she returns to New York, readers will recognize a seasoned, resilient woman who has not only survived but thrived. Laura’s story also bravely addresses her #MeToo experiences, providing an inspiring message of empowerment and resilience for all.

Laura Laytham said, “Writing ‘Hack Chick’ took nearly 20 years to write and has allowed me to revisit a pivotal time in my life and share how the burgeoning Internet and hacker subculture shaped who I am today. I hope readers find both nostalgia and new insights as they journey with me through these transformative years.”


The author went on to say readers will discover how she survived 9/11 and her friendship with Julian Assange.

“I want people to take a journey of my life of ten years between 1994-2004 and see what I went through and how I came through the other end.

Hack Chick which has been described as a book that can never be put down after opening the first chapter is available on Amazon in different formats including hardback, paperback, and Ebook.

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About the Author:

Laura Laytham, a trailblazer in the online world, began her adventure into the hacker subculture in her teenage years. Her experiences have paved the way for a captivating career in the tech world. Today, Laura continues to write, speak, and inspire many with her unique insights into the Internet’s transformative years.

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