Embark on a Journey to the Cosmos with “Moat All Shades of Blue”

The Heart of our Earth’s Knowledge “All Shades of Blue New Yin/Yang”

July 4, 2024 – New York, NY – Discover the mysteries of Metaphysical Astronomy with Cleopatra Ereca Vulcan’s groundbreaking booklet, Moat All Shades of Blue. This enlightening work delves into the profound impact of the Earth/Solar System entering the Photon Belt light in 1995/96, transforming life on Earth on both individual and global levels.

Moat All Shades of Blue offers a unique perspective on the significance of dates for living on the Moon, introducing a sequence of 110 Constellations that commenced on April 1, 1999, in the M31 Andromeda Galaxy. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun and the stationary position of Mercury with Juno marked this celestial beginning. Vulcan emphasizes the importance of reading The Book of Mars-the Blueprint for the Moon on Kindle for a deeper understanding.

Internalizing, activating, and implementing the knowledge within Moat All Shades of Blue in our consciousness will herald our return to the Moon in 2024. The new Yin/Yang concept, represented by all shades of blue, promises to harmonize our genders, fostering a balanced and enlightened society.

This booklet teaches readers to realign their DNA with their ancestors in the interplanetary realm, utilizing an understanding of the Politics of Food and the transition from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. In space, a Light body is essential for survival.

Furthermore, Moat All Shades of Blue explores the integration of the 14 Chakras to align with UFOs/UAPs, which use zero-point gravity propulsion. Authenticated dates on Earth align with the Moon, revealing how the Hits communicate with righteous humans. On March 11, 2007, in the M49 Virgo constellation, it was declared that the Moon and Earth began spiraling towards the year 3003, showcasing our advanced technological realm.

This booklet offers a comprehensive guide to healing from trauma by understanding how to communicate with the Hits residing on the Moon, Andromeda, Mars, and other interstellar dimensions. It provides essential knowledge for living on the Moon and Mars, contributing to climate change mitigation and a deeper understanding of Earth’s needs.

By exploring certain constellations and their alignment with space travel, Moat All Shades of Blue provides invaluable insights from the consciousness of our ancestors, descendants, God, and the cosmos. It asserts that out of Metaphysics came physics, marking the Maturity of the Ages (Moat) as a profound journey for those ready to embrace ultimate truth.

Vulcan emphasizes that creating a software application to manage dates will enable us to maintain orbit on the Moon and return to Earth, including transporting animals like elephants, which breathe both oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Cleopatra Ereca Vulcan was born in London and spent her early years in Sevenoaks, Kent, before moving to Nigeria at the age of six. She returned to London in 1982 and lived in a sixbedroomed home at an address of historical significance, number 74. Vulcan’s childhood was marked by intense dreams and spiritual experiences, including vivid visions of traveling over lands and mountains, and momentary possessions by spirits while reading.

Her mother affectionately nicknamed her “chicken,” a name tied to the mysterious ritual of buying and preparing chickens. Vulcan also had other nicknames such as “Hot pants,” “Eltomine,” and “Bus 88.”

Driven by a quest to understand her purpose on Earth, Vulcan delved into metaphysics, following in the footsteps of her father, who was also a metaphysician. She is a spiritual scientific metaphysician, author, healer, and reader of Ancient Egyptian Thoth oracle and Astronomical cards, as well as an aromatherapist. Born with a birthmark of Africa on her chest, Vulcan identifies strongly with Nefertiti and Cleopatra, a connection revealed to her in 1992 while living in New York.

Vulcan studied Hotel Management, trained in television production at BBC Elstree studios, and worked on several drama and soap productions. She attended the Swedish Institute school in New York and wrote her first mystical metaphysical love story from 1992-1997. Her subsequent work, The Superiors Fantasy, was initially considered ahead of its time and was later retitled The Book of Mars-the Blueprint for the Moon.

In 2006, during her first visit to Cairo, Vulcan wrote The Maturity of the Ages and met Dr. Zahi Hawass, who recognized her as Nefertiti. Despite a bowel cancer diagnosis in 2014, she continued to write, using her experiences to fuel her unique literary style that guides readers to understand their identity, purpose, and the significance of historical and cosmic events.

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