Frello App Unveils Groundbreaking Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform: Empowering Friendlier Loans for a Friendlier World

Today marks a pivotal moment in the financial landscape as Chris Harder, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and podcast host, launches his legacy project: Frello, a peer-to-peer lending app designed to connect those facing short-term financial challenges with compassionate individuals willing to extend a helping hand.

In his podcast episode, “I’m Building an App! Here’s the Story Behind It,” Chris shared the heartfelt story that sparked the idea for Frello. It all began with a simple act of generosity, a $680 loan that transformed a landscaper’s life, preventing his business from collapsing and saving jobs. 

“This became the seed that was planted in me that became the mission that I knew I had to solve,” Chris said. “We are going to change the way people behave in a financial jam with their money forever.”

This powerful experience ignited the mission behind Frello — a platform that transcends traditional lending barriers and fosters a community of support.

A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Issue

Frello is not just an app but a movement toward financial inclusivity and community-driven lending. The platform operates as a two-sided marketplace where borrowers facing short-term financial hurdles can seamlessly connect with lenders willing to make a positive impact. Frello revolutionizes the lending landscape, steering away from payday loans and offering borrowers more favorable terms, including longer repayment periods.

The app’s innovative design incorporates a bid system, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for lenders scrolling through potential loan opportunities. Borrowers choose from a variety of bids, selecting the terms that best suit their needs. This groundbreaking approach ensures a personalized and mutually beneficial lending experience.

The Tech Behind the Dream

While Chris openly admits to being tech-challenged, he teamed up with tech mogul Matt Marek, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of building successful tech companies. Matt’s expertise, coupled with a dedicated team of tech experts, has resulted in the rapid development of Frello. The collaboration represents a perfect union of vision and technical prowess, highlighting the power of finding the right partners to bring a dream to life.

Chris expressed his appreciation to the team, saying, “I’m just so grateful to Matt and to them for being the other half of this dream, or it really wouldn’t come to fruition.”

Strategic Fundraise: A Community-Driven Approach

Chris and Matt have self-funded Frello’s pre-seed round, demonstrating their commitment to the project. As they embark on the strategic fundraising phase, the duo is seeking more than just financial backers. Frello is inviting strategic investors with expertise, influence, and a passion for the project to join the mission.

A strategic fundraiser, as Chris describes it, goes beyond monetary contributions. It seeks partners who can contribute valuable insights, have access to potential users, or possess advocacy capabilities. The goal is to build a community of investors who are not only financially invested but are also actively engaged in the success of Frello.

Frello has already attracted a list of celebrity and influencer investors eager to be part of this transformative journey. However, the opportunity remains open for individuals who share the passion and vision of Frello to apply as strategic investors.

Accelerating Towards Change

With a fully functional demo already in place and an exceptional team driving the development, Frello is moving at lightning speed. The platform promises to dismantle financial barriers, putting lending power back in the hands of individuals and fostering a friendlier world.

“I’m so excited about the fact that pretty soon when we can bring this thing to market, we are gonna take the fear and the shame and the scare and the uncertainty out of people who wake up in an urgent financial jam. And at the same time, we’re gonna give people on the other side who are willing to do good and make these loans and give them unmatched returns,” Chris beamed.

“Don’t let it be an excuse that you’re not good at this, you’re not good at that. Because I’m living proof that not only can it happen, but it can happen at warp speed in the biggest of ways, and you can change the world,” he added.

Witness the evolution of a groundbreaking app that seamlessly combines compassion, cutting-edge technology, and a thriving community to fundamentally redefine the landscape of lending. This innovative app strives to go beyond conventional practices, ushering in a friendlier, more inclusive approach that not only prioritizes financial assistance but also fosters a sense of belonging and support among its users.


Frello, short for “Friendlier Loan,” is a peer-to-peer lending app designed to create a community-driven marketplace for personal loans. Founded on the principles of generosity and financial empowerment, Frello aims to revolutionize lending by connecting those in need with compassionate individuals willing to provide a friendlier loan.


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