From Streets to Treats: How Rescuing A Street Dog Inspired Prime Paws, Affordable & Nutritious Raw Dog Treats

A neglected German Shepherd, inspired Prime Paws to create nutritious, handcrafted freeze-dried dog treats. Their mission is to promote pet health and happiness.

Alone, disoriented, and lost in the middle of an intersection, a young German Shepherd mix endured the cold and rainy weather, being splashed with dirty water as swerving cars honked and flashed their lights. It was here on this stormy February evening when his life would change forever.

This dog was in desperate need, so we sprang into action to save him. Using what was on hand, a leash was fashioned from a dress tie and a micro-fiber towel aided in drying him off. After taking him to a vet and finding no microchip, with the help of local Facebook groups, they discovered he had been abandoned multiple times by his previous neglectful owner over the past few weeks.

It was after finding this news, they decided to give the 70-pound German Shepherd a forever home and a name. Inspired by his rescue, they named him, Rocky. (because he was in the road ;). Rocky was underweight and constantly shedding clumps of hair, It was obvious that his nutrition had been as neglected as he was. Quickly, they realized that his diet needed to be improved.

Feeding dogs a whole food, or a raw diet is something that stood out due to Rocky’s breed profile + current health conditions. They searched for an economical way to feed him that wouldn’t hurt his gut health or our bank account. However, most all of the raw options were cost-prohibitive or difficult to properly maintain.

His owners ended up simplifying his diet to improve his health, but avoided the unnatural fillers that most dog food contains. Since supplementing with freeze-dried raw treats Rocky is now living happily, at a healthy weight. His coat is shiny, his energy level is up and his digestive tract isn’t experiencing issues.

Rocky’s rescue not only transformed his life but also inspired a new mission for the owners of Prime Paws. Witnessing firsthand the impact of proper nutrition on Rocky’s health and well-being, they were driven to create a line of handcrafted, small-batch, freeze-dried dog treats that would provide pets everywhere with the same level of care and quality. Their goal is simple: to provide pets with treats that are not only delicious but also nutritious, promoting their health and happiness with every treat they enjoy.

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