Happy And Healthy Steelers Icon Terry Bradshaw 1 Year Later Strikes Different Tone In New Facebook Rant

Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw has made a lot of headlines over the last two years. Some was great news, like when he declared himself cancer-free. Other news resulted from those who were highly critical of his on-air performance and echoed the segment of social media that wanted him removed from the NFL on Fox.

Last summer, Bradshaw had a bad experience at a Walmart store when he was trying to purchase a bicycle. He took to social media and let loose on the retail giant. The rant gained national attention. Many fans voiced their support for Bradshaw and shared their frustrations with the current state of customer service in retail.

On Sunday, a little over a year later from his viral rant, Bradshaw took to Facebook Live again when he was displeased with a situation he found himself in on the golf course. It could be his much-improved health or the fact he was playing golf in Hawaii with his wife Tammy Bradshaw, but this time, his reaction was much tamer and lacked the venom he unleashed against Walmart previously.

If you enjoy a round of golf to relax, you have likely found yourself in this situation. You can hear the now 75-year-old Bradshaw’s frustration about the slow play in the groups ahead of him on the golf course. Bradshaw is measured in his reaction. He remains calm, describing the same groups any golfer dreads getting stuck behind. 

Bradshaw shares that his group, which consists of his wife and their friends Steve and Christy Drennan, is stuck behind several groups. The solo player taking multiple strokes, oblivious to the fact they are holding up the pace of play. Novice golfers who are doing their very best, but need to be more skilled to keep play moving. The delusional group of mildly experienced players with no business at the championship tees, but are there anyway. Any one of these groups can make a tee box uncomfortable, but all three simultaneously? It is no wonder that Bradshaw took to Facebook Live

Bradshaw was the best big-game quarterback of the 1970s, beating Ken Stabler, Fran Tarkenton, and Roger Staubach in AFC Championship games and Super Bowls. He won a league MVP, two Super Bowl MVPs, four Lombardi Trophies, and was elected to the Hall of Fame. Bradshaw is a legendary competitor, and perhaps the pace of play was not the underlying reason he took to social media. 

“This is our third round of golf, Steve Drennan and myself playing Tammy and Christy,” Bradshaw shares. “We give them a stroke a hole. Our first round of golf, we lost by four strokes to them. In our second round of golf, we lost by one stroke to them. Here, we are on number seven, and we are down three. It’s hard for me to handle. But like I said, it’s Hawaii, and the girls are winning. Good for them. But I’m happy somewhat. See you on TV Sunday.”

The Hall of Fame quarterback is gritting his teeth sharing that he had dropped two consecutive matches and trailed in a third. Bradshaw did not return to Facebook Live to update the final scoring, so presumably, his twosome posted a third consecutive loss. The competitive fire of Bradshaw is legendary and losing three in a row at anything must be nearly unbearable for him, even if it is to his wife. 

Last summer, Bradshaw was dealing with poor health and a bad experience we have all had. His reaction this year could have been tempered by his wife’s presence or exasperated by her skill with a golf club. It also is more likely that Bradshaw feels better than he has in a long time, and as a long-time fan, that is great to see. 

Steelers Legendary Terry Bradshaw Draws Mammoth Comparison From Howie Long About His Broadcasting Skills

Bradshaw is set to join Howie Long (who recently called him the white Charles Barkley), Jimmy Johnson, Michael Strahan and the incomparable Curt Menefee on the NFL on Fox studio show on Sunday. Bradshaw has appeared on the long-running program since its inception in 1994. This will be his 30th year coming into America’s living room and hopefully just another in many more. 

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