His Secret Obsession Reviews – A Detailed Report On James Bauer’s Relationship Program

His Secret Obsession is an all-new online program designed to help women attract the men they want. This relationship program is said to help trigger the secret male obsession factor which is called ‘The Hero Instinct’. This hero instinct is considered to be the key to a man’s heart. 

According to the creator, James Bauer, this relationship guide will help all women by providing them with time-tested secret signals that can be used to connect with the man they love and form long-lasting bonds. This His Secret Obsession review will examine this program in detail to see if there is anything real about it. 

Ever since its launch in the market, His Secret Obsession guide has become a topic of discussion among relationship experts, as well as, common people. Several opinions, reports, and reviews of this program are coming up online offering different views about it. 

This clutter of information might lead astray as it can be really difficult to filter out reliable data from them. This is the exact reason why an in-depth analysis of His Secret Obsession book is a must to find out the legitimacy of this program.

His Secret Obsession Reviews – Does It Help To Achieve a Healthy And Lasting Relationship With Any Man?

This His Secret Obsession review is a complete guide on the program in which one can learn the A to Z aspects of it. 

Our analysis has been based on legitimate data gathered from trusted sources, surveying customer responses, talking to industry experts, interacting with the creator, and checking the official website. 

To know everything about His Secret Obsession program, get started right away!

Program Name

His Secret Obsession


Relationship Program


Manual + Audio

Designed For



James Bauer

Main Purpose 

This program lists the secret signals to trigger ‘The Hero Instinct’ in men so that women can attract them easily and form long-lasting relationships.

What Is Included?

The Glimpse Phrase

The Fascination Signal

Silent Action Signals

That ‘I Owe You’ Signal

Damsel in Distress Signal

The Private Island Signal

The X-Ray Question

The Ex-Back Signal

The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships


Provides tips and techniques to women to form strong bonds with men they love

Clears problems in relationships

Makes men always emotionally available

Increases men’s interest in the women they love

Enhances chemistry 


Only through the official His Secret Obsession website





Money-Back Guarantee

60 days

Official Website

Click Here

His Secret Obsession: What Is It?

His Secret Obsession is a new relationship program or guide created to help awaken a man’s secret and powerful desire to earn love, devotion, and romance. 

This program has been designed for all women so that they can easily trigger the secret male obsession factor called ‘The Hero Instinct’ in the men they love. The creator James Bauer states that this program is backed by scientific research and will benefit all women. 

His Secret Obsession step-by-step guide lists powerful words, phrases, and signals that can be used to spark romance. This program is customizable according to the situation that each person is in. This relationship guide has been designed in such a way that it can be easily understood and made practical by anyone. 

In the following sections of this His Secret Obsession review, every aspect of this program will be analyzed in detail to see if is with the money. 

Who Created His Secret Obsession Guide?

The creator of the His Secret Obsession relationship program is James Bauer who has been a relationship coach for more than 12 years. 

It was during this period that he interacted with several women and gradually discovered the secret male obsession factor. 

Through detailed research and analysis, he found out the key secret signals to win a man’s love, attention, and devotion.

This is how Bauer came up with His Secret Obsession women’s program.

How Does His Secret Obsession Program Work?

Now, let us see how the His Secret Obsession pdf e-guide works to help attract the men that women love. It is said that this program is backed by science and that it targets the secret male obsession factor called ‘The Hero Instinct’. 

The Hero Instinct is said to be a biological drive similar to hunger and thirst. When this drive is triggered naturally, it is said to be far more powerful than other cravings. The His Secret Obsession digital program works by delivering many secret signals which are words, phrases, actions, and so on that help trigger The Hero Instinct.

With this, women will be able to attract the men they love, strengthen weakened bonds, make relationships stronger, solve issues in relationships, and maintain long-lasting bonds that never break. So, this is how the His Secret Obsession ebook helps achieve healthy and lasting relationships. 

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What Is Included In His Secret Obsession?

Here are some of the secrets included in His Secret Obsession manual, providing better clarity about this relationship program and its expected outcomes:

The Glimpse Phrase

One secret signal included in His Secret Obsession ebook is The Glimpse Phrase. This secret signal reveals the real personality and makes the man yearn for presence. The change in his expression and behavior will be noticeable after using this secret code.

The Fascination Signal

The next secret signal is The Fascination Signal, which sparks a deep attraction in men. This signal makes them emotionally closer and potentially addicted. The creator claims it is one of the most powerful phrases discovered. It can be used in person, over a call, or via text message, creating an irresistible urge in a man to stay close.

Silent Action Signals

The Silent Action Signal triggers The Hero Instinct, making the woman more alluring to the man than any other. As the term suggests, this signal is silent and action-based. The results can be felt when the man tries to get attention and make the woman smile.

That ‘I Owe You’ Signal

This signal takes advantage of a man’s selective hearing nature. The creator advises swapping out three common words, making him trust deeply and see the woman as his confidant. He will start sharing secrets even before confiding in friends.

Damsel in Distress Signal

This secret signal helps women tap into men’s natural protective instincts, gaining undivided love and attention. It turns a man into protective and serve mode, making him crave attention and admiration.

The Private Island Signal

This signal gives a man the feeling that the woman is the one. It showcases the alluring quality that attracts men, similar to a love potion.

The X-Ray Question

This signal helps gain a seductive quality. Asking this question allows access to his mind, understanding his unspoken thoughts, and refocusing his attention and desire.

The Ex-Back Signal

For those who have gone through a recent breakup, this signal consists of 12 exclusive words that change their thoughts and make them come back. It engages his hero instinct to ensure he never leaves again.

The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships

This powerful signal allows making small emotional deposits in the relationship, making the man think that his mind is being read. As a result, he will always be thankful.

Benefits Of His Secret Obsession Online Program

When trying the simple yet powerful secret signals available in the His Secret Obsession women’s program, the following benefits can be experienced:

His Secret Obsession book lists science-backed methods or signals to gain attention, love, and devotion from a beloved.

It will help attract positive thoughts, solve silly problems, and save a relationship.

This program will strengthen the bond with a partner and increase confidence.

There will be complete clarity on what to do to hold a partner close.

The His Secret Obsession methods mentioned will also help overcome a breakup and get a partner back.

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Pros And Cons Of His Secret Obsession Program

The following are the pros and cons of His Secret Obsession novel guide and audio:


Science-backed guide

Lists secret signals

Triggers secret male obsession called The Hero Instinct 

His Secret Obsession steps are simple to follow

Backed by a 60-day refund policy

Special discounts 


Right now, the only place where you can access the guide is through the His Secret Obsession official website

If it is not followed correctly, you might not get results 

His Secret Obsession Customer Reviews And Opinions

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to verify the genuineness of a program or any product available in the market. Genuine responses to the His Secret Obsession relationship manual are available on trusted platforms and discussion spaces.

The majority of reviews available on these platforms are positive and satisfied women have commented on how the secret signals helped them get their man back or strengthen their bond. These His Secret Obsession customer reviews suggest that this guide is effective. 

Where To Purchase His Secret Obsession And What’s The Cost? 

Considering the science-backed methods used, His Secret Obsession 12-word text-free PDF might seem to be on the expensive side. 

Well, the creator, James Bauer is currently offering this program through its official website at a discounted price of $47. 

Note that though His Secret Obsession by James Bauer is not made available elsewhere, its duplicates are circulating on third-party platforms like Amazon. These duplicates might look just like the original relationship guide but are sure to offer no results. 

So, make sure you access it only through the His Secret Obsession official website.

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Does His Secret Obsession Offer A Refund Policy?

His Secret Obsession guide comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. So, in case you are not satisfied with the results offered by this program, you can get a full refund within 2 months from the date of purchase. 

You can contact the His Secret Obsession customer support team at 1-800-755-4364.

Summary – His Secret Obsession Reviews

His Secret Obsession novel guide seems to be a trustworthy program as it was created by the certified relationship coach, James Bauer. 

The program lists some powerful secret signals including words, phrases, and actions that help trigger the secret male obsession factor called The Hero Instinct. As of now. Many women have benefitted from the His Secret Obsession book suggesting that it is effective. 

As per the His Secret Obsession reviews available online, this program is simple to follow and can be used by anyone with ease. It will help get the love, attention, and devotion of the man you love and even heal broken relationships. 

On top of this, His Secret Obsession women’s guide is backed by a hassle-free refund policy of 60 days, the creator is also offering a special discount when you access the guide through its official website.

So in this His Secret Obsession summary, I’d like to propose that the e-book is worth considering.

FAQs About His Secret Obsession

Who can use the His Secret Obsession e-guide?

The His Secret Obsession relationship guide has been created specially for women. This program will help all women get the man of their dreams and even heal broken relationships. 

What is The Hero Instinct mentioned in the His Secret Obsession manual?

The Hero Instinct is a biological drive which is the secret male obsession factor that can be triggered using the secret signals available in the His Secret Obsession 12-word text free pdf. 

What if His Secret Obsession online program doesn’t work?

In case His Secret Obsession novel guide doesn’t work, you can get a full refund within 60 days by contacting the customer support team. 

Is there a timeframe to use the His Secret Obsession program?

As such, there is no time frame for using His Secret Obsession. You can use them when needed. 

What is one thing unique about His Secret Obsession free pdf?

His Secret Obsession is a relationship guide and audio that is customizable according to your specific situation. This is a unique feature of this program.

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