How to Count the Stars and Live in Wonder

Kharis Publishing announces the release of “Count the Stars” by Matthew Turner. Drawing from the life of Abraham, the author shares a personal account of how to lift your head high, count the stars, and live in wonder. He writes that, similar to Abram, this is the time to go outside your tent, lift your eyes to gaze into the heavens, and then do the impossible. “Count the Stars.”

Matthew Turner, the author of the newly released book, Count the Stars, discusses the importance of taking time to gaze into the heavens in wonder, no matter the challenge. He draws inspiration from the life of biblical Abram.  In an incredible encounter with God, Abram opens his heart and shares a sincere, direct dialogue and shares his frustrations and anxieties. In shocking grace, the Lord, instead of rebuking him, calls Abram outside his tent, lifts his eyes to gaze into the heavens, and then asks him to do the impossible: Count the stars. While it was impossible for Abram to count all the stars, it was an easy task for God.

Individuals who have read the book state that it helped them to be filled with the wonder of God and His power. Others suggest that message in the book helped them to be emptied of fear and worry as they are reminded of God’s abilities. Others say that the author helped them to become grateful to have One with whom they can be honest and open. In a time when many people are leaving organized religion and abandoning regular church attendance because of concern that the demands of faith might be too restrictive, it is refreshing to see a book that helps people want to embrace God, rather than run away from Him. In fact, that was an important refrain from many people who have read the book – that “Count the Stars” made them more excited about God and the prospect of a walk of faith and hope with Him.

According to Dr. Mark Rutland, Executive Director of The National Institute of Christian Leadership, “In the unending drama of today’s culture, in the midst of modern life’s intimidating contortions, one longs for a voice of hope. Dr Matthew Turner’s newest book, Count the Stars, is a timely and a readable response, calling us to that place of intimacy with God where we can hear again, believe again and obey without fear. You’ll be blessed by this book and I recommend it.”

Here is how Dr. Sam Hemby, Professor of Leadership at the Southeastern University described his own impression of the book, “I have been a night-sky lover for a long time. Nothing is more peaceful to me than to look into the star-lit blackened backdrop of a crisp night canopy and be reminded that there is a BIG GOD… and I’m not Him! Dr. Turner’s wonderful look into the life of Abraham and God’s patient interaction with him could not be a more timely read! The dark skies of uncertainty and difficulty are all around us. But so are the stars! As you dive into Count the Stars, you will be encouraged and transformed… you will also never look into the night sky the same again!”

When asked about the potential impact of Count the Stars, Dr. Eric Speir, Academic Director, Nelson University, was rather forthright: “Dr. Matthew Turner has written a clear, simple, and concise book on how to cut through the clutter and noise to hear the voice of God for your life. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to experience the awe and wonder of God and to experience his plans and purposes for their lives.”

Is “Count the Stars a book for everyone? Dr. Doug Beacham, General Superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, says that the message of the book is for everyone – both laity and preachers. Here is how Beacham described the book, “Matthew Turner takes us on an insightful journey with the Biblical patriarch Abraham. You will feel yourself leaving Ur of the Chaldees, struggling with Abraham and Sarah in Egypt, wondering how God will perform His promise of a child born late in life, and looking into the night sky in amazement at the magnitude of God’s promises. This is an excellent book for laity and preachers alike as we grow in our walk with the same God who called Abraham four thousand years ago. You will hear that same divine voice calling you to the exciting journey of faith.”

Dr. Matthew Turner, ordained minister, is a follower of Jesus, a husband, and father who has pastored and held multiple ministry leadership roles. He has authored several books including: Follow Him and Discipleship Journey. He also is an instructor at the Barnett College of Ministry and Theology at Southeastern University. Matthew has a BA from Jacksonville State University, a MA from Liberty University, and a DM from South University. Matthew has been married for fourteen years to his sweetheart, Anna Kate, and they have three children, Elia Kate, Edyth Ray, and Ephraim Franklin.

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