How To Position Yourself As A Business Expert

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Where do your target clients rank you in your field? It may be time you did more to influence how they perceive your brand.

Market positioning puts your business in the right place in a consumer’s mind: above your competitors. Positioning yourself as an expert involves a combination of activities to create the desired identity in your target market.

These include showcasing your knowledge, building credibility and effectively communicating your expertise. Among other strategies that can elevate your personal brand and position you as a business expert, these four stand out:

• Defining your niche

• Consulting

• Building a solid online presence

• Writing a book

Defining Your Niche

To position yourself as a business expert, start by identifying where your strengths and expertise lie. This can help you build a unique point of view and the experience necessary to become authoritative.

What business areas do you excel at or are you willing to focus on? Is there a need that your business can meet? Find out which problems your brand is well suited to solve.

Focus on building brand loyalty by finding out how to attract customers who share your values. Defining your niche will go a long way in identifying your unique selling point.


A consultant role positions you as an expert as you become the go-to person for comprehensive research, solutions and experience that can elevate businesses.

Consulting provides practical, hands-on experience in dealing with real business challenges. In essence, your objective insights and strategies are relied upon to achieve business goals.

Use your client’s feedback to get a clear picture of what they hope your expertise will help them achieve. Analyze and assess where they currently are, find the hiccups stagnating their progress and diagnose by creating a working strategy for their needs.

Use the collected data to provide a plan they can follow. Effective leadership and clear communication will ensure the team understands and follows your plan.

Done effectively, consulting helps you gain positive feedback, and those testimonials add weight to your credibility as an expert in your field.

Building A Solid Online Presence

There’s so much you can do to cement your online presence and make your name pop up when people search your industry.

Start by developing a professional and well-optimized LinkedIn profile, where most people look to learn about your professional background and expertise.

Additionally, take advantage of social media platforms and industry-specific forums to share your knowledge by posting insightful content. Engage with your audience and participate in relevant discussions where you can showcase your authority and personality.

While leveraging social media and forums can significantly improve your brand and help you position yourself as an expert, you can further build your online presence by having a personal website. This is where you share blog posts, articles, whitepapers, case studies and other content. This content should be related to your field and showcase your knowledge and insights.

Podcasts and media interviews also contribute to a strong online presence.

Writing A Book

Becoming an author allows you to dive deep and showcase your knowledge and authority in a topic. It can enhance your credibility and position you as an expert in your field.

A book can attract invitations to industry conferences, speaking engagements and other networking opportunities to meet like-minded professionals for business collaborations.

Don’t know how to start expressing your ideas in a book? Co-author with top-selling business leaders and position yourself as a business expert.

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