How to Use CapCut’s Online Photo Editor for Background Editing

Editing the background of photos often comes to the question due to the difficulty and complexity of the process.

It becomes particularly difficult for those people who don’t have good photo editing skills and don’t know how to use a manual editor. For all such people, CapCut creative suite’s online photo editor brings the AI-based background change facility that you can use to customize the background of your photos. 

Edit Photos Background With Online Photo Editor

Editing photos along with customizing their background is now no more difficult with the CapCut online photo editor. By using this incredible editor, you can customize your photo background with just one click. Yes, this online editor uses machine learning-based AI technology that does all the background change process itself. You just need to initiate the command to change the background of a photo and it immediately does this for you. 

It doesn’t only allow you to change the background of a photo but also allows you to set a transparent or colored background for a photo. If you want, there is also an option to simply remove the existing background if you think that it doesn’t look good on your photo. 

What Differences Does Background Editing Make to Photos?

Background editing makes the following differences to the photos and through these differences, it boosts the aesthetics of photos. 

Background change enhances the visuals of the photos by giving them a more sophisticated and unnoisy look. Sometimes, you capture a beautiful scene but just because of a noisy background, it doesn’t come out so well. In all such cases, you can replace only the background to make it regain its charm and interactive visuality. 

Similarly, you can enjoy having excellent and uplifting tones in your photo by just changing its background. Sometimes, the background of the photo doesn’t look good because it doesn’t have uplifting tones. For all such photos, you can easily fix their background’s dull tones by replacing or changing the background or by using other AI functions of the editor. 

At the same time, an effective background also engages others in the photo. In particular, background customization is the most crucial task if you are transforming a photo for some purpose. For example, you must pay attention to background editing if you are making a photo for product marketing selling your services, etc. In this way, your photo with an interactive background would engage more people and hence create greater results. 

Good photos are also good for SEO purposes. The search engines show those photos on top that are perfect in all ways. No poor and dull photo with a bad background will appear first on the search engine results. Therefore, background editing becomes even more important if you are planning to increase the SEO for your photos. 

Turn Viewers into Customers

At the same time, you can turn viewers into customers by presenting them with a photo that is perfect in all ways. Not only its overall visuals and aesthetics, but its background must also impress others. When you make a photo that is inspiring and touchy, people increasingly respond to your action call. Hence, the random viewers or visitors of your site become potential customers within seconds by being impressed by the photos you create for themselves. 

How to Change Photo Background Via Online Photo Editor?

Changing the background of your photos requires only the four simplest steps which are as follows. 

First of all, the CapCut online photo editor requires you to create your account here without paying anything. The signup is free and is just a matter of seconds. All you need is to click on the signup button, create your account, and you are all done. 

After logging in to your account, click on the online photo editor under the magic tool. Then, choose either a sample photo to edit or upload your photo to the editor. 

Step 3: Change Background

Next, click on the background change button on the right side of your screen. When you click on it, it will give you more options. For example, you can either change the background, remove it, or set a new one. Choose any option and complete the process. Besides changing the background, you can also make further edits to your photos here. CapCut also allows the creation and customization of videos using an AI video generator

The last step is all about downloading the results you have created by using the export button. 


Why make your photos lose their charm due to poor background? Let’s give a quick shout-out to the background of your photos by editing, customizing, or changing it. Use the CapCut online photo editor and get this task done within seconds through the editor’s AI intelligent tools.  

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