I was worried I didn’t have enough money to retire – but my side hustle helps me earn twice what my 9 to 5 does

A RETIREE has revealed they make more money now than when working their nine-to-five, thanks to a nifty side hustle.

The senior influencer took to social media to claim that the side gig offers at least twice the income with less time commitment.


A retiree has revealed the side hustle that earned them more cash than their nine-to-fiveCredit: TikTok/ kimknowscontent


The influencer also said at least 30 percent of women in the United States have less than $10,000 saved for retirementCredit: Getty

“Worried I didn’t have enough money to retire…” wrote content strategist Kim (@kimknowscontent) in a recent clip on TikTok.

Kim could be seen looking off into the distance in the video before the on-screen text noted, “But then I remembered I started a side hustle, and now I earn twice as much as I do at my 9 to 5.”

Miley Cyrus’ song I Can Buy Myself Flowers played in the background as Kim smiled in approval at the financial security a side hustle can provide.

“You can start your own side hustle to boost your income before you retire, too!” she exclaimed.

Kim also detailed some shocking statistics in the caption for the video, claiming at least “30 percent of women in America have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.”

“And 40% of women will live in poverty after retirement,” the content strategist added.

“If that’s you, starting a simple side hustle before you retire will boost your income,” Kim advised.

The influencer also stressed that viewers request more information about what she does for assistance to take advantage of the opportunity to make some excess money for retirement.

“Explain please!!!” one person exclaimed.

“What is your side hustle?” another inquired.

Kim replied that her side hustle involved affiliate marketing through her own online business, and that she “coaches others to do the same.”

Through other videos on Kim’s page, she claimed that her business was so successful that she was able to take measures to prepare for retirement with ease.

She explained that she started her affiliate marketing side hustle in March 2021, and it grew to a six-figure business by April 2023.

This allowed her to then apply for “retirement benefits, three years earlier than I had planned, debt paid off, income doubled, and more money saved, all because I decided to take action to start my 6-figure online business.”

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, affiliate marketing is a relatively prominent side hustle option.


TikToker Steph Jo (@makingmoneywithstephjo) claimed in a video in October that as an affiliate marketer with Amazon, she can make $40,000 to $50,000 passive income per month.

Steph explained that it’s a perfect route for those who “are broke and lazy, plus it’s going to make you a butt-ton of money.”

She argued that it only takes her working around two hours per day at home using only her phone to make some serious cash.

Even so, there’s a bit of a process to get started.

Those who are interested should head to Amazon’s page, and click on a link that should say something like “become an affiliate.”

It will then bring up a page where users can enter their personal information and social media handles.

From there, they’ll need a Pinterest business account to start selling products with a link that Amazon provides.

Commissions will be earned for products that are sold using the affiliate link.

“Now when someone is scrolling on Pinterest and comes across your post, each time they purchase from your link, you will get paid a commission for it,” Steph noted in the clip.

The catch is, Amazon can accept or deny an application to become an affiliate depending on several circumstances.

If approved and a user does not make qualified referrals within the first 180 days, the account will also be closed by the eCommerce giant.

Amazon also stressed that side hustle cash is still considered income and must be disclosed to the IRS.

That goes for any side hustle endeavor.

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