I’m Grateful for You Movement Declares July as Don’t Wait To Thank Month

The DWTT Challenge is a global initiative to cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude.

The I’m Grateful for You movement, dedicated to providing resources to individuals and organizations who want to practice gratitude, declares July as Don’t Wait To Thank (DWTT) Month. This initiative aims to cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude by encouraging people to express appreciation to at least one person a day throughout the month. The goal is to achieve over one million experiences and expressions of gratitude.

The DWTT Challenge seeks to promote intentional expressions of gratitude that go beyond basic Thank You’s and foster deeper connections by showing appreciation in meaningful ways. Intentional gratitude acknowledges the effort, kindness, and unique qualities of individuals, creating interactions where people feel genuinely valued and respected. Participants of the DWTT Challenge are encouraged to write and give one heartfelt card a day to anyone they encounter, whether it be a spouse, colleague, or a takeout delivery person.

“People everywhere want to feel seen, heard, valued, and appreciated. When they feel it, they flourish. When they don’t, they wither,” says the I’m Grateful for You movement Founder, Kevin D. Monroe.

The benefits of gratitude are profound and well-documented. Studies have shown that cultivating a lifestyle of gratitude can lead to improved mental and physical health, increased happiness and life satisfaction, and stronger relationships. Expressing gratitude can reduce stress, enhance empathy, and even improve sleep.

The DWTT Challenge not only aims to make a significant impact on the recipients of the gratitude but also transform the lives of those who participate. Writing a heartfelt card each day encourages individuals to slow down and reflect on the positive aspects of their lives. It makes them more attuned to what they have, shifting their mindset from scarcity to abundance. The simple yet powerful act of practicing gratitude is also a way to bridge the gap between people in an increasingly digital and disconnected world.

In essence, the DWTT Challenge is not just about expressing thanks but about fostering a lifestyle of genuine appreciation and connection that extends beyond July. It inspires participants to engage in daily acts of gratitude that are specific, meaningful, and deeply felt.

To participate in the DWTT Challenge, interested parties can sign up on the I’m Grateful for You website, where they will find resources, tips, and ideas for creating meaningful thank-you cards. The challenge is open to everyone and can be shared with communities, companies, and congregations, making it easy to spread gratitude to others.

The website also features stories and testimonials from participants around the world, showcasing the profound impact of gratitude.

As millions around the world embrace gratitude, the I’m Grateful for You movement hopes to create a lasting impact on global well-being.

To join the challenge, please visit https://dontwaittothank.com.

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