Instagram’s Innovative ‘Flipside’ Feature Redefines Private Sharing, Alternative for Finsta

Instagram is currently in the testing phase for ‘flipside,’ a feature reminiscent of finstas that is already somewhat present on the platform. This new addition allows users to create a secondary photo grid accessible exclusively to selected friends. 

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According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, the platform will now allow everyone to download public Reels. Before, you can only save it within the app.

Testing ‘Flipside’

Instagram is currently experimenting with a new feature designed to provide users with an alternative to finstas. Termed as “flipside,” this feature enables individuals to establish a secondary photo grid accessible only to selected friends.

While this concept might ring a bell, Engadget reported that Instagram has previously facilitated the creation of posts intended for a more restricted audience. 

In November, the platform introduced the capability for users to share grid posts exclusively with their “close friends” (the close friends feature for Stories was introduced in 2018). 

More recently, Instagram explored audience lists for Stories, allowing users to generate multiple lists for sharing content with small groups. Additionally, the app offers a straightforward process for creating a traditional finsta.

Introducing ‘Flipside,’ which, in a somewhat perplexing manner, provides an alternative method for achieving a similar outcome. Users establish a separate friend list, distinct from their “close friends,” to populate their exclusive “flipside.” 

The option to post content to either the main grid or the “flipside” is then available, with the latter being visible solely to the specified friend list and accessible from the user’s profile. Identification of access to someone’s ‘flipside’ is denoted by a key icon within their grid.

Acknowledging Features’ Redundancy

It seems that even Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, recognizes the redundancy of these features, as reported by TechCrunch.

In a post on Threads, he conveyed mixed feelings, noting the appeal of creating a distinct, more private space, but also acknowledging that it adds another layer to reaching a smaller audience, alongside secondary accounts and Close Friends.

Moreover, Mosseri mentioned uncertainty about the potential launch of this feature, which might explain the company’s relatively discreet approach to the test. Although initially identified as an internal prototype in December, recent reports indicate that Flipside has started appearing for actual users on Threads.

Reactions to the feature are varied, with some users expressing excitement about the update, while others question the necessity of managing yet another social media profile. Understandably, some individuals appear to be confused by the introduction of this additional functionality.

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Despite occasional humorous criticism directed at finstas, Fast Company reported that Meta’s recent focus on establishing “more private” spaces within Instagram likely extends beyond mere convenience. 

Mosseri has repeatedly highlighted over the past couple of years that Instagram users are not posting as frequently, particularly in their feeds. This decline in user-generated content is less than ideal for an app heavily reliant on advertising, much of which is presented in users’ feeds. 

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Instagram is actively exploring innovative approaches to encourage users to invest more time in posting and scrolling through their feeds.

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