Is the giant Irish Greyhound of 1902 real or fake? Viral picture debunked

A viral image of a giant Irish Greyhound has left netizens wondering whether it is a real photograph or an AI-generated image. The sepia-toned picture was first shared on Facebook in August 2023 and features an enormous greyhound posing next to a man in a forest.

The caption seemed to indicate that the image was taken back in 1902 and the dog was the last of its kind. The quality and style of the picture replicated that of the era. However, this is an AI-generated image and not an actual photograph.

The original Facebook post went viral with over 82,000 reactions and over 17,000 shares. Soon the image started circulating on other social media sites like Reddit and TikTok, leaving internet users questioning its authenticity.

Social media was filled with made-up stories about the giant Irish Greyhound and its origins

As the image circulated online, many fake stories about the dog cropped up, adding to the confusion.

One source claimed that the large dog was named Hogan and was a cherished companion of a man named Dan Donovan. However, it later adds that the greyhound stood 28 inches (71 cm) tall and weighed 90 pounds, making it 30-40% bigger than a typical greyhound at the time.

Another AI-generated image shared on Cursed AI (Image via Facebook/ @Antonie Jo )

Another source alleged that the animal was a greyhound named Finnegan, standing about 32 inches high, and weighing about 105 pounds. It claimed that the dog was:

“Born into a long line of champion racing dogs, Finnegan possessed an inherent athleticism and an unparalleled spirit that made him stand out from the pack, quite literally.”

However, these sources and stories remained unconfirmed.

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the original post was shared in a Facebook group named Curse AI by user @Antonie Joe. The group is known to share artificially generated images. It’s about section warns:

Step into the eerie world of AI-generated cursed art, where machines possess powers to create twisted and terrifying masterpieces… These disturbingly beautiful images crafted by AI will leave you questioning the very nature of technology and its place in our world.

Going through @Antonie Joe’s Facebook page revealed several similar-styled images with men posing beside giant animals.

A comment seen on claiming to be the OP (Image via 9gag/ @(OP) themaskedgypsi)

A user on claiming to be the original poster stated that it was an AI-generated image and added that they used Midjourney for the same. This remains unconfirmed.

Artificially generated art has been steadily facing criticism for lacking originality, and creativity. The software is designed to analyze existing art and thus can only produce what it has already seen. Additionally, it lacks the human touch and feeling and can only copy.

Such softwares also tend to pirate the works of several artists and illustrators most times without consent, thereby infringing their intellectual rights, and raising ethical questions.

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