Latia Ashley Marks a Splash by Hosting an Open.ish Podcast, Exploring the Preconceptions of Faith.


Latia Ashley has emerged as a professional philanthropic personality, dedicated her life and work to promoting faith, community, empowerment and endurance. Recently, Latia Ashley is making waves by hosting an Open.ish Podcast.

Whenever talking about traits and abilities that lead a person toward success, passion and hardworking are alone and straight the way toward the goals. In this regard, Latia Ashley marks a splash by hosting an Open.ish Podcast aims to explore the preconceptions of faith, entertainment, mental health and life-altering moments. In her podcast, she seeks to create each episode on diverse voices and experiences to provide a well-rounded understanding of each subject. With her engaging and charismatic personality, Latia Ashley has emerged as a strong, sought-after speaker and commentator on topics from music to fashion, entertainment to spirituality and social justice.

In addition, Open.ish podcasts provide a wide space for authentic conversations about overlooked topics within the faith community. With her rational views and broad-minded personality, Latia Ashley talks off script but strives to remain anchored in the scripture. She provides a grace space through her platform that engages practical discussions and redefines what it means to be real and inclusive in a journey of faith. The podcast always strives to promote grace, empathy, compassion and unity among listeners, fostering a sense of a community of hope.

Moreover, the Open.ish podcast’s first episode streamed on April 4th, 2024, and new episodes will be released Bi weekly. APPLE Podcast, Spotify, iHeart, and YouTube are the streaming platforms where podcasts can be streamed. The podcast is poised to aid in internal transformation so  individuals can see each other as a work in progress.

About Latia Ashley:

Latia Ashley, a renowned host, executive producer and music publisher, dedicated her life and work to promoting faith, community, empowerment and endurance. Aside from being an accomplished host, she is a professional advocate for social justice and equality. With her deeply rooted activism in her faith, she inspires and motivates others to bring positive change in their own lives as well as communities. Additionally, she is a true trailblazer, entrepreneur and visionary. With her unwavering dedication, she is committed to becoming a shining example and inspiration to countless individuals.


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