Lee M Eason’s “The Panids’ Children” Ignites a New Era of Fantasy with Epic Tales of Magic and Conflict

Lee M Eason’s fantasy novel “The Panids’ Children,” the first in the The Panids of Koa series, launches with promises of epic adventures and deep-rooted mysteries set in a world recovering from war.

Dive into the mystical realms of Koa with Lee M Eason’s enthralling fantasy novel, “The Panids’ Children,” the inaugural book in the acclaimed The Panids of Koa series. This book sets the stage for an epic saga that intertwines the remnants of a forgotten war and the rise of ancient powers.

A century after the Great War, peace reigns over the continent of Koa, yet the scars of the past loom ominously. Among the survivors are the Panids—legendary beings whose progeny, the Panids’ Children, have faded into myth. In this newfound tranquility, Cali and Aran begin their precarious apprenticeship within the Naddier Order of Talents, unaware that their lives are about to be irrevocably changed.

Under the guidance of their mentors and a mysterious Panid named Kellim, they find themselves at the heart of a desperate struggle to thwart forces that seek to exploit Cali’s hidden lineage. Meanwhile, a disgraced Talent named Varin embarks on a perilous quest with consequences that threaten to reshape their world.

As the delusional UruIldran Emperor, Segat, propels Koa towards a devastating war, the emergence of ancient technologies and new alliances challenges the very fabric of their society. The past, it seems, is not ready to be forgotten.

“The Panids’ Children is a triumph of fantasy literature,” says one Amazon reviewer. “Great action and characters you can really invest in. Really, really hope there’s more to come.”

“The Panids’ Children” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and The Book Dragon. Readers can look forward to the release of the sixth book in the series in 2024, along with continued expansions in the universe of Koa.

Join Lee M Eason as he weaves a tale of magic, conflict, and survival in The Panids of Koa. Discover why readers are captivated by this series and eagerly await its unfolding future.

For more about Lee M Eason and his works, visit panids-of-koa-books.co.uk.

About the Book

In a land where ancient powers have shaped the very fabric of reality, a once-mighty order lies in ruins, haunted by the echoes of a cataclysmic war. As the world of Koa teeters on the edge of a new era, whispers of an old threat stir in the shadows, threatening to unleash chaos once more.

Kellim, one of the last of the revered Panids, carries the burden of his forebears’ mistakes. Alongside a group of unlikely allies, he must navigate treacherous deserts, enchanted forests, and politically fraught cities to uncover the truth and prevent a prophecy from becoming a devastating reality.

With enemies lurking at every turn and allies who may not be what they seem, the stakes have never been higher. As forgotten secrets and new dangers converge, can Kellim and his companions stop the darkness before it consumes their world?

About the Author

Lee M Eason, a distinguished fantasy author from County Durham, brings a wealth of experience from his nearly three-decade career in primary education to his imaginative writing. After earning a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree, Lee dedicated himself to teaching and enriching young minds with his passion for knowledge and storytelling. In 2010, he embarked on his writing journey, crafting his first novel and subsequently developing the beloved The Panids of Koa series and its prequels. His works, known for their intricate plots and vividly drawn characters, reflect his commitment to exploring new narratives. Beyond fantasy, Lee has also ventured into women’s fiction, showcasing his versatility and creative depth. His dedication to his craft continues to resonate with readers across genres, promising more innovative stories to come.

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