Lessons from Joseph: Building the Four Pillars of Leadership

FRAMER’S BRANCH, TX – John Joseph Taily digs deep into the life of Joseph and what his life can teach humans about the proper way to live. His book receives positive reviews from The US Review of Books. 

Hero For Hire: Joseph Son of Jacob: And the Four Pillars of Durable Power, the study of the life of Joseph that centers upon four great trials in Joseph’s life. Tailly identifies the four pillars of durable power as humility, integrity, reliability, and efficiency. Joseph attained each of these pillars through his trials. In the pit, he gained humility; in the house of Potiphar, integrity; in prison, he built reliability; and in the palace of Pharaoh, he learned efficiency, which placed him as Pharaoh’s second in command.  

Kat Kennedy of the U.S. Review of Books said, “The book is well-written, and though it consists of only 128 pages, it holds much information about Joseph and what his life represents for the modern reader.  

The review stated that the author skillfully crafts a narrative that delves into the themes of humility, integrity, reliability, and efficiency. “Not only does the author identify the four pillars, but he also offers a great deal of information on how they can be obtained through one’s interactions with God and humans. It is an interesting and educational read that leaves one with much to ponder,” she added. 

The tale of Joseph’s life toward the acquisition of the four pillars of durable power leaps from the pages offering the best moments when at its best. ”Each chapter includes a section concerning the ways in how each pillar can be incorporated into one’s life, especially in the workforce.” 

The book is highly informative and recommendable, critics praise the book and its author for its in-depth explanations and enlightening discussion: The US Review of Books: “The author presents an in-depth look at the life of Joseph and what his life can teach humans about the proper way to live. He writes in a conversational tone, which enhances one’s understanding of his work. His look at one’s behavior as both a leader and employee in a business is an eye-opening glance at how one must live to obtain the four pillars.”  

Check out the full review here: https://www.theUSreview.com/reviews-1/Hero-for-Hire-by-Jon-Joseph-Tailly.html

HERO FOR HIRE: Joseph Son Of Jacob and The Four Pillars of Durable Power, By Jon Joseph Tailly 

Kindle: $6.99 

Paperback: $15.00 

Hardback: $20.00 

Available at URLink Print & Media, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers 

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/43fJott

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