Lion Heart Film Works is Bringing Stephen Crane’s Iconic Novel “The Red Badge of Courage” to Life

Lion Heart Film Works has launched a new Kickstarter campaign with the aim of continuing funding the cinematic adaptation of Stephen Crane’s renowned novel “The Red Badge of Courage.” Kevin R. Hershberger, an Emmy-nominated director, is leading this project and is committed to crafting a compelling and realistic American Civil War film.

Experts Speak

In the words of Stanley Wertheim, a renowned Crane scholar, “The Red Badge of Courage” is “unquestionably the most realistic novel about the American Civil War” and is a literary masterpiece. The aim of this cinematic adaptation is to commemorate the experiences of Civil War warriors and provide an unparalleled degree of historical realism while properly recreating the novel’s profound study of terror, bravery, and personal growth.

A Campaign for All Ages

Hershberger aims to involve the audience as investors to ensure the film’s production remains uncompromised and true to its source material. He recognizes the risks but is fully committed to completing the film within the next year. The funds raised will directly impact the number of shooting days, allowing for a more thorough and detailed production process.

Support the Campaign

Supporting this campaign means contributing to a once-in-a-generation motion picture that will stand the test of time. People who have long enjoyed Hershberger’s previous historical projects are bound to love this one. Project backers can help create a film that everyone can be proud of- a film that excites future generations of Civil War enthusiasts.

Become a Backer

Starting at the $45 level, backers will be among the first to see the final film and gain exclusive access to weekly video updates on Kickstarter featuring edited completed scenes. Backers will receive frequent updates on the production’s progress, including behind-the-scenes content and shoot dates. Becoming a backer means becoming an integral part of the production.

Realizing a Long-Held Dream

Bringing “The Red Badge of Courage” to the screen has been a long-term dream for Hershberger. After completing his first film, “Wicked Spring,” in 2003, he wrote the script for this project but initially found it too ambitious. With over 20 years in the industry, directing nearly 100 hours of prime-time television, and armed with the latest CGI and digital film technology, Hershberger is ready to realize this dream without compromise.

Shooting Commences in Virginia

Recently, the cast and crew gathered at locations west of Richmond, Virginia, to begin filming. They completed 15 scenes and 38 pages of the script, coinciding with the dates and events depicted in Crane’s novel from 1863. The film will use a handheld, intimate viewpoint, presenting the story from the perspective of Henry Fleming and his comrades.

Meet the Talent

The role of Henry Fleming, “The Youth,” is played by Aidan M. Close, an accomplished actor with a background in Shakespeare and notable roles in new plays and major tours. The production will be handled by Kevin R. Hershberger, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who has won over 70 national and international awards. Hershberger also has a rich background in military history and filmmaking, having worked on numerous museum projects, series, docu-dramas, and features for national and international distribution.

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