Looking for a side hustle? 9 of the most profitable, flexible gigs available right now, according to experts

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Side hustles — part-time gigs that full-time workers pick up in order to supplement their income — have become a popular tool these past few years, offering many nine-to-fivers a way to earn some extra cash for indulgent spending or to help meet a savings goal.

But what do these gigs really entail, and is all the balancing actually worth it? According to ZipRecruiter, an employment marketplace for both job seekers and employers, these are the nine most flexible and profitable positions available right now.

1. Focus groups

Many companies use paid focus groups to learn more about their customers and find ways to improve their products, ZipRecruiter reported. There are several platforms where users can review products and services they already use, ranging from online focus groups to longer, in-person roundtables.

Interested parties need to submit some basic information about their purchasing habits before they start receiving invitations to focus groups that match their consumer profile. ZipRecruiter recommended looking for focus groups that take place outside your full-time work hours, accepting the offers that work best with your schedule.

2. Dog sitting

There are several dog-sitting platforms that connect you directly with clients or advertise your services in local community groups. Users earn money by walking dogs, doing basic drop-in visits, or boarding animals in your own home.

3. Tutoring

If you have experience in a particular subject or skill, you can earn money by tutoring. ZipRecruiter noted that test prep sessions, guitar lessons and English as a second language are particularly popular subjects.

4. Making crafts

Turning your hobby into a side hustle is easier now that sites like Etsy are around. Artisans report some serious cash flow by making and selling crafts they’ve knitted, crocheted, or painted. You can decide how many projects to take on, which makes this an ideal side hustle for people who work full-time.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves referring people to purchase various products. If someone buys a product after clicking on your link or using your code, you receive a commission. If you already have a blog or a social media page, you can promote products there — just highlight your link in a blog post or your social media bio, then enjoy a bit of extra income anytime you encourage someone to make a purchase.

6. Transcribing audio

When a company needs captions for its videos, it hires people to transcribe the audio into text. Transcribing platforms typically pay per word, so you earn more the faster you type. Most of these jobs are performed from home.

7. Making deliveries

If you have a vehicle, you can earn extra money by signing up for a delivery platform. Food, packages and even furniture or appliances are money-making industries right now, ZipRecruiter noted.

8. Selling merch

By signing up for a print-on-demand site, you can sell T-shirts, phone cases, tote bags and more without having to purchase any inventory up-front. Once you design your items — a funny slogan or pic is a must — the platform will simply process customer orders and send out made-to-order items on your behalf.

9. Upcycling

If you enjoy browsing thrift stores and garage sales, consider starting an upcycling side hustle. Look for items you can improve or transform to sell for a profit. You might fix up furniture, rework clothing, or enhance home decor. Post your creations on local community groups or marketplace platforms to start making sales.

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