Magicycle Launches Ocelot Pro 2.0 with Switchable Torque Sensor

Los Angeles, CA – Magicycle is really proud to introduce its newest electric bike, the Ocelot Pro 2.0, fitted with a powerful 1500W motor that will power riders up to 28mph and a voluminous 52V 20Ah battery for an impressive range of up to 120 miles on one charge. Magicycle focuses on producing the best fat tire electric bikes for riders of all kinds. Our electric bikes strive to exert effort in answering all needs of any e-bike enthusiast, either off-road adventure or daily commuting and are definitely suited to people looking to adventure through the wild or boulevard cruise and weekend rides.

This torque sensor will smooth out the ride and make it feel more natural because it changes the motor’s output based on how hard riders are pedaling. The company developed the Ocelot Pro 2.0 in response to the growing demand for higher performance and longer ranges in the electric bike market. With superior power, speed, and endurance combined with intelligent pedal assist, the Ocelot Pro 2.0 is a real commuting, leisure ride, and long-travel solution.

What’s New?

New Color

The Ocelot Pro 2.0 now comes in a stunning new color: Maroon. This sophisticated shade exudes elegance and uniqueness, making it a standout choice for riders who want to make a stylish statement. The rich, deep hue of Maroon not only adds a touch of luxury to the bike’s design but also ensures it remains timelessly fashionable. Perfect for those who appreciate both high performance and aesthetic appeal, the Maroon Ocelot Pro 2.0 is designed to turn heads and reflect riders’ distinctive taste, making every ride an experience in both function and form.

New Production Process

The down tube of the Ocelot Pro 2.0 is formed by a multi-cavity oil injection process. The thickness of the tube wall is designed to be 4-5mm, whereas the e-bike industry usually has a thickness of only 3mm with a single cavity. This technology solves the problems of insufficient strength of the step-thru model down tube in the bike industry, soft frame, handlebar shaking, and rear wheel wobbling when going downhill or getting off the bike.

New Sensor

The torque sensor installed on the Magicycle Ocelot Pro 2.0 is advanced technology applied to an electric bicycle. It works intelligently in sensing the force a rider exudes on the pedals and adjusts the motor output accordingly. This means the motor gives more power when pedaling harder and reduces motor output when one pedals lightly, thereby providing a smoother and more natural ride.

The Advantages of Advanced Torque Sensors Compared to Traditional Cadence Sensors on E-Bikes

How Does the Torque Sensor Work:

The torque sensor measures how hard riders are pedaling. If riders pedal harder, the motor gives more power. If riders pedal lightly, the motor reduces power. This helps match the bike’s power to riders’ effort, which makes a very smooth and natural feel when riding.

Smooth and Natural Ride Feel:

Torque Sensor: It feels how hard riders are pedaling and gives assistance accordingly. The feel is more riders are pedaling with extra help rather than being pushed by a motor.

Cadence Sensor: It measures how fast riders are pedaling, then gives assistance correspondingly. Sometimes, this could give riders kind of an unnatural feel, especially starting from a standstill.

Effective Use of Power:

Torque Sensor: It only outputs power when riders need it, and in the correct quantity, thus extending the life of the battery and increasing the bike’s range.

Cadence Sensor: It provides consistent power, completely independent of pedaling effort. Irregularity can soon drain the battery.

Better Control and Responsiveness:

Torque Sensor: Reacts immediately to riders’ pedaling force and adjusts the motor assistance in real-time, making it more responsive to changes in terrain or speed.

Cadence Sensor: Might have a delay in response since it only activates when the pedals start moving, which can be less effective for quick acceleration or immediate power needs.

More Comfortable Riding Experience:

Torque Sensor: The ride feels more like a regular bicycle with added help, without needing to change riders’ pedaling style to get assistance.

Cadence Sensor: It may feel less natural because riders must maintain a certain pedal speed to get consistent assistance, which might not match riders’ preferred pedaling style.

Better Adaptability:

Torque Sensor: Adapts well to different riding styles and conditions, from casual rides to intense workouts, making it suitable for a wider range of riders.

Cadence Sensor: It works better for steady, consistent riding but might not adapt as well to varied riding situations.

Improved Safety:

Torque Sensor: It provides more controlled assistance, which can enhance safety, especially in urban environments or on challenging trails where precise control is important.

Cadence Sensor: Consistent assistance can be harder to manage in complex riding scenarios, potentially affecting safety.

Make The Right Choice

Torque Sensor:

If riders want a more natural and high-performance ride, go for a torque sensor. It accurately detects how hard riders are pedaling and adjusts the motor’s power in real time. This makes riders’ ride smoother, more comfortable, and better suited for different riding conditions.

Cadence Sensor:

If riders are a casual rider or on a budget, a cadence sensor is a great choice. It’s cheaper and easier to install and maintain. Ideal for flat surfaces and leisurely rides, it provides enough assistance for everyday use, even though it’s not as precise as a torque sensor.

Or, Riders Can Choose Magicycle Ocelot Pro 2.0

The one-click sensor switching function of Magicycle Ocelot Pro 2.0 allows riders to freely switch between the torque sensor and cadence sensor, so riders don’t have to struggle between the two sensors. Regardless of the type of rider riders are, Magicycle Ocelot Pro 2.0 is riders’ perfect choice.


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