Moving Hearts and Minds with Powerful and Poignant Music – Scott Francisco Releases Uplifting New Single “Keep On”

Scott Francisco’s heartfelt storytelling and emotive melodies shines as he releases his latest single “Keep On,” celebrating life’s simple joys and values

Scott Francisco’s newest single, “Keep On” is more than just a track – it’s a reflection of Scott’s personal philosophy—instilling small-town values in his family and encouraging everyone to live their best life. Scheduled for release on Independence Day, the song is an anthem for those who cherish life’s simple moments and the pursuit of happiness. It tells a story of finding love, enjoying life’s fleeting nature, and the importance of perseverance, themes that are deeply woven into Scott’s music and personal life.

The upcoming single is part of a broader shift in Scott’s musical direction, as seen in his previous release “Nashville Dreaming.” Moving away from corporate worship songs, Scott has embraced the rich storytelling traditions of country music, inspired by the likes of 90s country artists who captivated him with their raw emotion and compelling narratives. This transition is marked by a more prominent use of steel guitar and a focus on vocal performance, signaling a new creative chapter for the artist.

Fans of Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and Shane Profitt will find a familiar comfort in Scott’s music, yet refreshed by his unique perspective and innovative approach. His past hits, including “Small Town,” “Nashville Dreaming,” “Oh The Cross,” “One Voice,” and “All That You’ve Done,” have laid a solid foundation, earning him a dedicated following on major streaming platforms like Spotify, and his songs are available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music.

As Scott prepares for the release of “Keep On,” he continues to engage with his audience through social media, sharing updates and snippets of his life and work on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This new single promises to bring listeners a message of resilience and joy, encapsulating Scott’s journey and his vision for the future.

With “Keep On,” Scott Francisco invites listeners to join him in celebrating life’s journey with optimism and strength. It’s a call to embrace each moment, keep pushing forward, and never lose sight of what truly matters. As Scott’s music career evolves, his commitment to storytelling and connecting with his audience through relatable, heartfelt music remains unchanged, ensuring his voice will be a staple in country music for years to come.


Scott Francisco has long been a fixture in the country music scene, drawing on his deep-rooted connection to church music and family values to create songs that resonate with fans across generations. From his early days growing up in a musical family, where he first discovered his passion for music, to his current life with his wife Caitlin and their four children, Scott’s journey has been one of persistent dedication to his craft. Now working for his local town’s Department of Public Works, Scott balances his job with his enduring passion for songwriting and performing.





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