Nassini Foundation Launches to Empower Women and Children in West Africa

US-based non-profit organization announces initial successes in promoting education, health, and economic opportunities in Togo.

The Nassini Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in West Africa, proudly announces its launch and early successes. Founded to honor the legacy of Tchaisso Gado Nassini, a notable entrepreneur in Togo and China, the foundation focuses on providing access to education, maternal health services, economic opportunities, and protection from gender-based violence, particularly in Togo.

Promoting Access to Education and Health

The Nassini Foundation aims to empower women and children by promoting access to quality healthcare and education. Recognizing the critical need for maternal and pediatric health services in rural and underserved areas, the foundation has initiated the construction of health infrastructure. These centers are equipped to provide comprehensive care to pregnant women, mothers, and children, ensuring that even the most vulnerable populations have access to essential health services.

“We are committed to building and supporting maternal and pediatric health centers that provide quality care to those in need,” said Mia Nassini, founder of the Nassini Foundation. “Our goal is to ensure equitable access to healthcare for women and children in Togo.”

Training and Empowering Health Professionals

The foundation is also focused on the specialized training of health professionals. By strengthening obstetrics, neonatology, and pediatrics skills, the Nassini Foundation aims to improve patient care and outcomes. Training programs are designed to equip health professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver competent and adapted care in maternal and pediatric health infrastructures.

“Every well drilled and training session conducted honors Mr. Tchaisso Gado Nassini’s legacy,” said Nelson Ezi, project manager and a researcher of the foundation. “His vision for a better Togo is reflected in our efforts to build a healthier and more educated community.”

Ensuring Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water and proper sanitation is a cornerstone of the Nassini Foundation’s health initiatives. The organization is implementing drinking water supply and sanitation systems within health infrastructures to ensure a hygienic environment. Additionally, awareness campaigns on hygiene and sanitation are being conducted to prevent diseases and promote maternal and child health.

Advocating for Women’s Rights and Economic Empowerment

The Nassini Foundation is deeply committed to promoting women’s rights and economic empowerment. Efforts are underway to raise awareness about women’s rights in reproductive health and access to healthcare. The foundation facilitates women’s access to reproductive health services, including family planning and screening services, ensuring that women can make informed decisions about their own health.

The Nassini Foundation is implementing economic empowerment programs to further support women’s financial independence. These programs include vocational training, access to micro-credit, and support for entrepreneurship. By encouraging women’s involvement in income-generating activities, the Nassini Foundation aims to strengthen their financial autonomy.

Responding to Emergencies with Agility and Sensitivity

The Nassini Foundation is also responsive to life-threatening emergencies where its involvement is needed and appropriate. With a foundation of experience and sensitivity to situational requirements, the organization is willing to take intelligent risks and act quickly to address urgent needs.

“We are members of an international partnership that transcends legal, structural, and cultural boundaries,” Mia Nassini explained. “We accept the obligations of joint participation, shared goals, and mutual accountability that true partnership requires.”

The Nassini Foundation’s early successes highlight its commitment to improving the lives of women and children in West Africa. As the organization continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its mission of promoting education, health, and economic opportunities, creating a brighter future for the communities it serves.

For more information about the Nassini Foundation and its initiatives, please visit or follow them on Instagram at @nassini_foundation_.

About the Nassini Foundation

The Nassini Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity organization based in the United States. Dedicated to alleviating the suffering of underprivileged women and children in West Africa, the foundation focuses on providing access to quality healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and protection from gender-based violence. Founded in honor of Tchaisso Gado Nassini, the foundation continues his legacy of empowering communities and fostering sustainable development.

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Phone: +1 (610) 989 2838
Country: United States

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