New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Releases Comprehensive Article on DUI Laws and Defense Strategies

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel (, of The Kugel Law Firm, has recently published an educational article aimed at shedding light on the state’s DUI and DWI laws, as well as offering insights into effective defense strategies. The intricacies of New Jersey’s DUI laws and the formidable penalties they impose are notably stringent, making it crucial for those charged to seek competent legal guidance.

The article, authored by New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel, elucidates the nuances that differentiate DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) under New Jersey law. Both terms are used interchangeably to describe offenses involving impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs. “Understanding these laws is the first step in navigating through the intricate aspects of a charge and working towards a favorable outcome,” Kugel explains.

In her writings, New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel emphasizes the non-criminal classification of DUI/DWI offenses in New Jersey, which are dealt with as traffic offenses. However, she points out the severe consequences that can accompany these charges, including potential jail time and loss of driving privileges. Kugel states, “The absence of jury trials in these cases means that a municipal court judge will decide the fate of the accused, making a knowledgeable legal defense more crucial than ever.”

The article goes further into specific legal conditions like the “per se” DUI, based purely on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and the implications of different BAC levels. Rachel Kugel elaborates on the critical role of BAC in legal proceedings, explaining, “A BAC of 0.08% or higher categorically assumes impairment, which can significantly complicate one’s defense.”

Legal strategies and defense mechanisms are also a major focus of the article. Kugel discusses how an experienced attorney can challenge the evidence presented, from the accuracy of a BAC test to the legality of the traffic stop itself. She points out, “Every detail counts in DUI cases—from how the field sobriety tests were administered to the calibration and accuracy of breathalyzers.”

The article encourages individuals facing DUI charges in New Jersey to seek quality legal representation. It underscores the benefits of having a well-informed lawyer who can navigate the complex aspects of DUI laws to potentially mitigate the penalties or even achieve a dismissal of charges.

About The Kugel Law Firm:

Located in New Jersey, The Kugel Law Firm is dedicated to defending individuals accused of DUI and DWI offenses. Led by Rachel Kugel, the firm prides itself on its thorough understanding of New Jersey traffic laws and its commitment to advocating for the rights of its clients. The Kugel Law Firm maintains a focus on providing personalized, aggressive legal representation aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for those they represent.


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