New novel “Under Full Moons” by V. Maia is released, a unique story that combines one man’s slice-of-life struggles with an epic sci-fi adventure that will determine the fate of the universe

“Under Full Moons” by V. Maia has been released worldwide. This 401-page novel follows protagonist Vinicius as he navigates the personal and cultural challenges of moving from his native Brazil to Paris so his wife can pursue a graduate degree. As he establishes new routines and tries to find his place in a new country, also wrestling with the responsibilities of parenting, Vinicius is contacted by a desperate alien species. Unraveling the puzzling messages and beginning to understand that the key to this urgent mission lies in harnessing lucid dreams, the unlikely hero begins a parallel journey that will determine the survival of the universe.

In a unique blend of interstellar science fiction and heartfelt, slice-of-life storytelling, this compelling novel juxtaposes the struggles of ordinary people against an epic backdrop of cosmic disaster. Facing the prospect of a cataclysmic event called the Big Rip, even the aliens’ advanced technology cannot save them. Vinicius, with a blossoming ability to alter the fabric of spacetime through his dreams, is their last hope for escaping extinction, and the fate of all life rests upon his shoulders.

Inspired by the author’s fascination with astrophysics and lived experiences as a Brazilian confronted with other cultures, the novel masterfully balances the technical and the personal. Written as first-person journal entries, the story gives readers insight into the protagonist’s emotional state – from his caring concerns as a parent to the shock and disbelief as the line between dreams and reality blurs.

Chapter after chapter, Maia’s vivid descriptions and attention to detail create a rich, lived-in world that brings the audience into the streets of Paris, the intimate moments of family life, and the tangled thoughts of a man contacted by extraterrestrials.

A fascinating take on alien fiction embedded in relatable family drama, this emotional and captivating novel reminds us that the power to do extraordinary things can rest within anyone.

Under Full Moons (ISBN: 9781963844085) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The paperback retails for $19.99, and the eBook retails for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

Vinicius takes on the challenge of moving from Brasilia to Paris with his family, where his wife will complete a master’s degree. He will be responsible for looking after the children and the house. However, along with the cultural conflicts and the intense new family routine in France, Vinicius soon begins to have paranormal encounters, first in his dreams and then in waking life. These beings that contact Vinicius are desperate: they need his help to prevent the universe from being torn apart via a real-life cosmological and cataclysmic phenomenon called the Big Rip, in a faraway future. Although the entities are advanced and can travel through vast swathes of time, they are unable to prevent their own extinction. As Vinicius pieces together the puzzle presented to him, he learns that it all depends on his ability to harness lucid dreams. Unless Vinicius has these dreams, he will be powerless to alter the fabric of spacetime. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

About the author:

V. Maia was born and raised in Brazil. As an academic researcher, he holds a Ph.D. in cloud computing privacy, and he has also worked in the field of information technology for over two decades, with a recent focus on cybersecurity. Life in academia and the IT industry has taken him to various places around the world, and the clash between his Brazilian upbringing and other cultures is a dominant source of inspiration and reflection on life. In addition, he is deeply passionate about astrophysics and fiction, which informs his actions, thoughts, and soul. He lives in Brasilia and loves to spend time cooking with his family.

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