Outdoor Push Button Switch Solution: Metal Push Button Switch

  In modern life, the application of outdoor equipment is becoming increasingly widespread. Whether it’s smart city infrastructure, traffic control systems, outdoor advertising equipment, or security systems, push button switches are an indispensable component. However, the variability of outdoor environments places stringent performance demands on push button switches. ONPOW’s series of metal push button switch offers a perfect solution for outdoor push button switch applications.

Outstanding Features of ONPOW Metal Push Button Switches

1. Vandal Resistance – IK10

Outdoor equipment often faces the risk of malicious damage, especially in public areas. ONPOW’s metal push button switches have undergone rigorous testing and achieved an IK10 vandal resistance rating. This means they can withstand impacts up to 20 joules, handling accidental knocks or deliberate damage with ease to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

2. Corrosion Resistance – High-Quality 304/316 Stainless Steel

Rain humidity, and various chemicals in the outdoor environment can cause corrosion to equipment. To ensure long-term stable use, ONPOW metal push button switches are made from high-quality stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance. Whether in coastal cities or industrial areas, they effectively resist corrosion, maintaining their pristine appearance.

3. UV Resistance – High-Temperature and UV Protection

Solar radiation poses another significant challenge for outdoor equipment. ONPOW stainless steel push button switches can withstand temperatures up to 85°C and maintain their original color even under prolonged exposure to sunlight, without fading. This feature ensures the equipment functions normally in various weather conditions, extending its lifespan.

4. Excellent Protection Rating – Up to IP67

The variability of outdoor environments demands high waterproof performance for equipment. ONPOW metal push button switches achieve an IP67 protection rating, effectively preventing dust and water ingress. Even in heavy rain or submersion, the switches continue to operate normally, ensuring reliability and stability.

5. Low Temperature Resistance – Reliable in Harsh Cold

ONPOW metal push button switches are not only high-temperature resistant but also perform excellently in low temperatures. They can operate stably in extreme cold environments down to -40°C. Whether in icy mountains or harsh northern winters, ONPOW metal push button switches provide reliable protection for your equipment.

6. High Durability and Long Lifespan

ONPOW metal push button switches are designed with a focus on longevity and reliability in addition to environmental resistance. With a mechanical lifespan of up to 1 million cycles, these switches maintain stable performance even with frequent use. They offer lasting reliability for both heavily used public equipment and critical industrial systems.


ONPOW provides the most reliable outdoor push button switch solutions, ensuring your equipment withstands harsh environmental challenges. Together, let’s embrace the future of smart living with ONPOW by your side, safeguarding your outdoor equipment every step of the way.

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