Popular YouTubers Obsessed with Taobao: Chinese Magical Products Go Viral on YouTube

Recently, review videos of Chinese products have been trending on YouTube.

Several vloggers living in China have been showcasing clever little products they found on Taobao that solve various everyday problems. Taobao is a highly popular online shopping app in China, offering everything you might need daily, from clothing, fruits, and food to digital products.

A French Vlogger named Greg Li Living in Shanghai, is Already Well-Versed in Chinese Culture, but he is still often amazed by the mysterious wisdom of the East. He showcased nearly ten items to his followers, including a lazy person’s light switch that lets you turn off the living room lights from bed, a saltwater emergency lamp that can provide light for 120 hours with just salt and water, an electric nail clipper, an automatic wine opener, and more. Throughout the video, his exclamations of “Wow” were accompanied by viewers’ astonished comments in the live chat: “Oh my god, there’s such a thing?” and “I want one too.” 

The Northern Irish vlogger, The China Adventure, hasn’t been living in China for very long and hasn’t learned to speak Chinese yet. He recently bought some kitchen supplies for his new home. In his video, he praised the convenience of shopping on Taobao, especially noting that the shipping speed and delivery efficiency far surpassed his experiences with Amazon. Notably, he dubbed a singing and blooming birthday candle as “China’s fifth great invention,” highlighting its suitability as a gift for his dad. 

It seems these vloggers are exploring China through their Taobao purchase experiences, gaining insights into Chinese lifestyle trends, habits, and dietary changes. Taobao offers a vast array of similar products. While these items may not involve advanced technology, they effectively address practical everyday needs, demonstrating impressive design ingenuity. 

Some netizens have expressed envy over the wide range of product choices available to Chinese consumers and hope to visit China someday to experience it for themselves.

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