Questflow Labs Secures Angel Funding to Build 1st Productized AI Agentic Workflow Network

Questflow Labs, the world’s largest decentralized AI Agentic Workflow network, has announced the successful completion of its $1.5M angel funding round. This milestone was led by MiraclePlus, a venture firm founded by former YC Partner, Microsoft EVP, Baidu COO Qi Lu, with participation from founders from PAKA, AgentLayer, TypoX, Dmail Network, Chasm, and Litentry.

Our journey also includes support from Cohere’s incubator, founded by Transformer author Aidan Gomez, and the Web3+AI incubator initiated by Wanxiang and HashKey Capital, along with ecological backing from top chains such as Near, Aptos, and Tezos.

Questflow Labs is pioneering a new direction for decentralized AI agentic workflows, aiming to provide users with an all-in-one solution for user intent perception and distribution, AI agentic workflow automation, and human-AI collaboration. Our innovative technology is anchored on two key pillars: the Multi-AI Agent Orchestration (MAO) engine and the decentralized AI agent network. Our self-developed multi-AI agent orchestration framework and model, which schedules multiple AI agents using natural language processing, stands at the forefront of innovation, which can autonomously complete tasks by orchestrating multiple AI agents to take action on autopilot.

Bob, co-founder and CEO of Questflow Labs, stated: “Today marks a significant milestone in Questflow’s journey. We are witnessing a trend from AI Prompt Engineering to Agentic Workflow Engineering, signaling the future of work that will be as intelligent and seamless as Jarvis. We are building a decentralized AI agentic network where users can simply describe their needs, and multiple AI agents within the network will autonomously complete the tasks. Our solution is the first productized Multi-Agent Orchestration (MAO) ecosystem, incorporating applications, protocols, and tokens to build wealth infrastructure for AI agents. We will continue to work with our partners and investors to drive the large-scale adoption of AI + Web3 technologies, fundamentally changing task distribution, workflow automation, and human-AI collaboration, making us Uber of the multi-agent world.”

Looking ahead, Questflow Labs will offer users and developers more autonomous AI agent creation tools, along with end-to-end intelligent matching from demand distribution to task execution. Our forthcoming AI agent incentive programs will provide additional resources to early adopters and community contributors within our ecosystem. With a new round of financing underway, we plan to expand our AI agent workflow network, enhance multi-agent orchestration capabilities (MAO), and improve human collaboration, solidifying our leadership in the decentralized AI field and strengthening our technical infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more updates, and for more information about Questflow, visit our official website at


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