Rediscover Faith With ‘God’s Work Through Mankind’ Unveils Hidden Gems in the Bible

In today’s world, where media and cultural norms often contradict our core Christian values, understanding the Bible in depth can be both daunting and challenging. Are we missing the critical truths and teachings? Does God truly desire a personal relationship with every man, woman, and child? And does the Old Testament represent a bygone era of human history, or is it a treasure trove of knowledge that still has application in the modern world?

These are the very questions author Gary R. Scoggins so courageously illuminates with his life-changing book, “GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND: Things Overlooked and Misunderstood in the Bible.” Written under divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit, Gary provides readers with groundbreaking knowledge to embark on a journey to discover the hidden truths in the very word of God that are either disregarded or misunderstood.

The book delves into the very core of our faith, offering fresh perspectives on:

Faith: Find faith not as a human accomplishment but rather as a divine gift from God Himself.

The Abrahamic Covenant: Explore the tremendous impact this covenant bears for you as an individual today.

Spiritual Sonship: The process of growth that will change your life into the likeness of Christ.

The Church and Israel: Redefining the relationship that clarifies the interconnectedness of these two entities.

Spiritual Warfare: Understand and overcome the spiritual forces that keep you from achieving success.

Our Identity in Christ: Understanding who you really are and realizing the authenticity and purpose through Christ.

The End Times: Discover the prophetic meanings of the Levitical feasts and their role in future events.

GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” is more than just a book. It promotes deep personal development because it speaks to you on multiple levels, especially in the chapters about the church, Israel, and the end times. Everything Gary said was taken directly from the Bible, and this is one of the books that will resonate with anyone looking to broaden their faith understanding, get closer to the Lord, and renew their purpose with a strong theological and spiritual foundation and application.

About the Author:

Gary R Scoggins is a career design mechanical engineer by profession, an amateur artist, and an amateur musician. He has run 12 marathons and has ridden in numerous bicycle races with a total accumulation of over 10,000 miles on his bike. He has been married for 46 years with three adult children and six grandkids. He has coached his children when younger in their sports and has been active in his community and his church. He has followed Jesus Christ consistently after initially sensing God’s voice at age 10. He continues to still sense God at work in his life. His life purpose is to share how God has used and sanctified him through prayer, scripture memory, spiritual unction, reading the Bible, and growth in his spirit.

Book Name: GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND: Things Overlooked and Misunderstood in the Bible.

Author Name: Gary R Scoggins

ISBN Number: 979-8857496220

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