SAP Emarsys integrates enterprise loyalty for supercharged personalisation

Customer loyalty is paramount, but brands are struggling to keep up with consumers’ evolving expectations and complex tech stacks.

SAP Emarsys, a customer engagement platform, and Annex Cloud, a SaaS loyalty management platform, are announcing a native integration to incentivise customer interactions and deliver highly personalised, loyalty-driven omnichannel experiences that grow customer lifetime value.

The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform executes intelligent omnichannel campaigns to customer segments at scale to turn marketing strategies into revenue. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform specialises in omnichannel incentivisation for transactional, social, and behavioral loyalty activities in exchange for personalised rewards, adding robust technical capabilities and richer loyalty member experiences executed by the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform.

The SAP Emarsys and Annex Cloud integrated solution manages promotions, tracks customers, scores behaviors, and delivers personalised experiences to collect richer, more relevant zero- and first-party data. Together, they offer a seamless solution that empowers marketers at brands like Molton Brown to:

Build loyalty programmes to fit unique business needs: From global to regional variations, spanning multiple languages, currencies, brands or even including partners. 
Track and incentivise customer actions: Online, in-store and across all channels. 
Automate personalised communications: Delivering loyalty messages and offers that increase average order values, purchase frequency and customer lifetime value. 
Improve customer data intelligence: Integrate loyalty data and AI-driven insights across business systems for informed decision-making. 
Measure programme effectiveness: Continuously optimise marketing strategies for maximum impact.

This integration goes beyond simple points-based programs, according to SAP Emarsys. With flexible, holistic configurations and granular control, brands can structure complex earning rules, create individualised customer journeys, and decrease the time it takes to launch and manage successful loyalty programs, giving time back to marketers to focus on revenue. This integrated solution features flexible configurations, enabling SAP Emarsys customers with Annex Cloud to:

Implement quickly and easily: SaaS-based loyalty program management platform accelerates program launch and reduces time to value. 
Structure complex earning rules: Go beyond points and reward customers for diverse behaviors and interactions. 
Seamlessly manage loyalty across channels: Deliver consistent experiences online, in-store and across all touchpoints. 
Built-in loyalty tactics and templates: Configure and trigger automation to pre-defined segments based on demographics, behaviors, or preferences.

Erin Raese, SVP GTM at Annex Cloud, said: “At Annex Cloud, we’re passionate about fostering deeper relationships between brands and customers.

“Simplifying the complexity of enterprise loyalty for the marketer combined with delivering the right message at the right time enhances both platforms and empowers brands to build truly valuable programs.”

Sara Richter, CMO at SAP Emarsys, said: “The partnership between SAP Emarsys and Annex Cloud enhances our ability to empower enterprise brands to foster true customer loyalty with AI-fueled personalisation. Going beyond simple points-based programs, this joint solution enables marketers to focus on delivering highly personalised omnichannel experiences that create value for customers and revenue for brands.”

By combining the customer engagement prowess of SAP Emarsys with the enterprise loyalty expertise of Annex Cloud, brands of any size and complexity gain access to a powerful, scalable solution ready to tackle the ever-changing customer landscape. With this partnership, brands unlock a world of possibilities, empowering them to build deeper customer relationships, drive engagement and achieve sustainable growth.

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