Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip TPU Granules: A new chapter in shower hose inners

In our daily life, the shadow of the hose can be seen everywhere, and it even fills every corner of our life, especially in the daily shower water, hot and cold water need to pass through the hose, so the material of the inner tube of the shower hose is quite important. In today’s market, the inner tube material is mainly made of PVC, PE, silicone and EPDM rubber. The emergence of Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip Tpu Granules has opened up a whole new chapter of environmentally friendly and durable shower hose inner tube.

1. PVC material

PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, which is a kind of material to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and corrosion by adding other components.

2.PE material

PE is short for Polyethylene, the main component is polyethylene, which is a non-toxic, harmless, tough, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, high temperature and low temperature-resistant material.

3.Silicone material

Silicone is a new type of non-toxic, harmless, polymer elastic material with excellent resistance to high temperature, low temperature, aging and corrosion.

4. EPDM material

EPDM, also known as EPDM, is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diolefin, which is a kind of material with low density, toughness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

This shows that heat resistance, aging and corrosion resistance as well as very good toughness, safety and environmental protection are very important for bathroom shower hoses.

SILIKE introduces Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip Tpu Granules, a Soft Elastic Material for Flexibility And Durability Of Hose Materials, to create new Tpu Flexible Hoses.

This Si-Tpv Materials For Tpu Flexible Shower Hoses (Materials Hoses, Materials For Inner Hoses) combines the flexibility of rubber with the processing advantages of thermoplastics. Its advantages are wear-resistant, aging-resistant, chemical-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean, does not contain plasticizers and other harmful substances, 100% recyclable, with outstanding silky skin-friendly touch, not easy to swell and deform, good toughness, soft elasticity, and high color saturation, with better color fastness.

Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip Tpu Granules have low odor, can be bonded to a variety of substrates. Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip Tpu Granules can be bonded to a wide range of substrates including PC, ABS, PC/ABS, TPU, PA6 and similar polar materials. Si-TPV Modified Soft Slip Tpu Granules are particularly suitable for hose connections in bathroom and water supply systems, and are an ultra-soft, environmentally friendly solution.

Suppose you want to create the best-performing hose ever in terms of flexibility, rolling resistance, and sustainability or one that enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Creative solutions, SILIKE supplies the Si-TPV material you need!

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