Strengthen The Understanding Of Faith And Bible With ‘God’s Work Through Mankind’ – A Book To Help The Reader Know The Overlooked Truths Of The Bible

Are you struggling with your faith? Does multiple interpretations of the Bible leave you feeling lost and confused?  Perhaps you are unsure how to reconcile the profound messages you hear at church with the realities of daily life. If so, you are not alone.

Many people are confused about understanding the Holy Bible and its teachings. Gary R. Scoggins’s “GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND: Things Overlooked and Misunderstood in the Bible” offers a helping hand. This groundbreaking book cuts through the confusing interpretations of the Bible and provides a clear path to understanding the Bible in order to maximize its value.

Drawing on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and a deep reverence for Scripture, Gary tackles common questions that plague many Christians:

How to navigate the sea of conflicting messages about the Bible?

Is the Old Testament relevant today, or can it be ignored?

What are the true purposes of faith and the Church in God’s grand plan?

“GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” offers clear explanations and scriptural references to help you discover:

The True Nature of Faith: Learn why faith is a gift from God, not something to be earned through willpower.

The Power of the Abrahamic Covenant: Uncover its significance for Jews and Christians and its implications for our role in God’s plan.

The Path to Spiritual Growth: Embrace a transformative journey towards becoming more like Christ.

The Church and Israel: Prepare for a transformative perspective on the interconnected relationship between these two entities, and how they can help us to become more aware and unite to confront the anti-Christ.

Empowering Yourself in Spiritual Warfare:  Learn to recognize and combat the spiritual forces that attack your well-being and hinder your spiritual growth.

Knowing Your Identity in Christ: As a child of God, realize your actual value and purpose. Gain the ability to live a successful life that prospers according to God’s will.

Know More About The End Times: Explore the biblical significance of the unfulfilled Levitical feasts and gain a deeper understanding of God’s plan for the end times.

GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” is not just another theological treatise. Instead, it is a practical guide designed to equip you for everyday living. Here is what one of the readers has to say about this book:

“This book cuts through the distortions that we have been enamored with for so long and answers the real questions with real meaning. Gary is a phenomenal writer, human, and servant of God. You can trust that everything said in this book has been thoroughly researched, pondered, and researched some more. Enjoy!,” —Chase D.

In short, with its focus on clear explanations, practical application, and a deep respect for Scripture, “GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible and a stronger, more confident faith. Moreover, the book highlights the practical tools to live a Christ-centered life, discover a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and help ourselves become good and profound Christians.

In today’s complex world, “GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” offers a beacon of clarity and guidance.

So, are you ready to unlock the power of faith? Let this book illuminate your path and empower you to live a life that glorifies God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity.

About the Author:

As a career design mechanical engineer, an amateur artist, and musician, Gary R Scoggins has run 12 marathons and has ridden in numerous bicycle races with over 10,000 miles. Having been married for 46 years, he has three adult children, six grandchildren, and coaching experience in sports from his younger years. He has also been involved in his church and community. After hearing God’s voice for the first time at the age of ten, he has continuously followed Jesus Christ. He still feels that God is at work in his life. His mission in life is to share how prayer, memorizing scripture, spiritual unction, Bible reading, and spiritual development have all helped God to use and sanctify him. “GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND” is his first book to fulfil his purpose.

Book Name: GOD’S WORK THROUGH MANKIND: Things Overlooked and Misunderstood in the Bible.

Author Name: Gary R Scoggins

ISBN Number: 979-8857496220

Paperback Version: Click Here

Audiobook Version: Click Here

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