Talented Artist Tony Levitas Triumphs with New Album “Shadows” Following Near-Death Experience

After overcoming a life-threatening illness, Tony Levitas announces the release of his fifth album, “Shadows,” a deep dive into Southern Americana and Dream Pop

“Shadows” was born from a place of gratitude and introspection, following Tony’s near-death experience with Covid-19 in 2020. The album’s tracks weave through themes of light and dark, survival and rebirth, resonating with Levitas’s influences from Bob Dylan to Neil Young, while also drawing comparisons to Tom Petty and The Velvet Underground. Each song serves as a testament to his journey, blending elements of Americana with the ethereal qualities of Dream Pop to create a sound that is uniquely his.

Tony’s musical career is rich and varied, having been a significant figure in the band Arms Akimbo, which saw notable success including a video on MTV and performances alongside major acts like the Ramones and R.E.M. With “Shadows,” he continues to build on his legacy, offering a collection of songs that are not only personal but universal in their appeal.

In addition to his own performances, Tony is passionate about sharing his music more broadly. He is keen on providing songs for other artists as well as for film and TV, hoping to expand his influence and connect with even more listeners through different mediums. This album is more than just another milestone; it’s a declaration of his ongoing evolution as an artist and a survivor.

Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to experience “Shadows,” available on all major streaming platforms. Each track invites listeners into a world shaped by adversity but defined by resilience, highlighting Tony’s skill in storytelling through music. This album promises not only to entertain but to inspire those who have faced their own shadows and found the strength to emerge into the light.

Through “Shadows,” Tony Levitas not only shares his personal story but also extends an invitation to listeners to explore their own resilience and the transformative power of music!


Atlanta’s own Tony Levitas, an accomplished singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, continues to make waves in the music scene with his latest album, “Shadows.” This new release marks his fifth solo project and reflects a profound journey of recovery and artistic exploration. The album, co-produced by Martin Kearns, Eytan Davidson, and Levitas himself, showcases his resilience and dedication to his craft.

As Tony Levitas continues to craft his path in the music industry, his work remains a beacon for authenticity and artistic integrity. With plans to continue writing, recording, and possibly collaborating with other artists and industries, the future looks bright for this seasoned musician. His journey is a compelling reminder of the power of music to heal, connect, and transcend even the toughest of times.





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Contact Person: Tony Levitas
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Phone: 6786423107
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tony.levitas.5?mibextid=LQQJ4d

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