Target Shoppers Fight Waiting for Valentine’s Day Stanley Cups

A limited edition Valentine’s Day Stanley Cup just launched at Starbucks and it’s already causing chaos and selling out nationwide.

The Stanley Cup has developed an impressive following in recent years after expanding outside of its once primarily “tough guy” audience. The cup is praised for keeping liquid cold for long periods of time and being leak-proof. It even survived a car fire.

The hype has been further fueled by influencer marketing and limited edition drops and restocks, which sell out in minutes in stores and online.

This latest Valentine’s Day drop—which included limited red and pink cups sold exclusively at Target and a pink cup sold in partnership with Starbucks—caused so much verbal fighting outside a South Carolina Target Starbucks combo location that a manager had to come out to settle the dispute.

In the viral TikTok, there’s a line of people congregated outside of the store location, waiting for the doors to open at 8 a.m. But one man tried to ignore the order that had been established and made his way to the front.

The group at the front of the line said they’d been standing there since 3 a.m. and were not about to let someone cut them.

“This dude tried to cut the line for the Starbucks x Target Stanley Cup but we were not having it,” Reyah (@reyahthelastdragon), who’s filming, said in the text overlay.

While the man was all up in one woman’s face, several other people were trying to reason with him as well.

The man insists that he doesn’t have to get to the back of the line because “there is no line.” He says because the other customers were congregated in a circle, there was no line for him to get behind.

Those in the circle explain that there was still a specific order, and each person knew who was before them. In the video, one can also clearly see that there’s a line formed. It may not be the straightest line, but a clear order is visible.

“Can somebody call the police?” Reyah asks.

Well, police might have been taking it too far, but a store manager did come out after a person pushed a button for assistance. Once the manager was there, the issue quickly dissolved.

“We’re not arguing. Absolutely not. Nope. It will not be a thing,” the manager says.

The manager quickly got the rambunctious man to get back in his place in line and then handed out numbered tickets. There were 38 tickets corresponding to the 38 Stanley Cups in stock, and you couldn’t buy one without a ticket.

While those first 38 customers were able to secure a cup, it is unclear if they bought it for personal use or to resell. Many are already going for double the price—from $50 retail to $100+ resale—on eBay and even Facebook Marketplace.

The viral video has more than 1.5 million views and over 14,000 comments as of Thursday morning.

@reyahthelastdragon #stanleycup #starbucks #winterpink #stanleystarbuckscollab #stanleystarbuckscup #stanleyquencher ♬ original sound – Reyah the Last Dragon🐲

“It’s a cup!! I don’t understand,” a person said.

“Does the cup fill itself. Are there lifetime free refills. Why are people fighting over these cups,” another asked.


The Daily Dot reached out to Reyah for comment via email.

*First Published: Jan 4, 2024, 1:00 pm CST

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