The 5 Best AI Relationship Chatbots in 2024 + How They Work

Lately “AI Relationship Chatbots” have become a term of interest, pulling over a thousand Google searches per month.


Though not real, I can understand the allure of having an AI girlfriend or boyfriend. I mean, these bots

Are available round-the-clock
Offer personalized conversations
Rival some of the best AI art generators
& can simulate human empathy and understanding

In this blog post, I outline five (5) of the best AI relationship chatbots for you to try out.

Let’s get into it!

Best AI Relationship Chatbots

Some of the best Conversational AI tools for experimenting with a virtual relationship include:
Romantic AI

1 — is a standout romantic AI chatbot, available on the web and as an app. I’ve personally given it a try, and it definitely ranks among the top AI relationship chatbots. What caught my eye initially was its impressive 4.5-star rating on, and it maintains similarly positive reviews on other platforms.

One notable feature of Candy AI is its strong commitment to user privacy. The platform takes steps to ensure data protection and goes the extra mile by verifying user ages, ensuring that only adults can use the chatbot. This emphasis on privacy adds an extra layer of assurance for users.

Key features

NSFW content generation
AI voice messages
AI image generation
Chat gallery
Anime models


Several characters to choose from
Both AI boyfriend & AI girlfriend experiences
You can customize the appearance of the chatbot
Very realistic, engaging, and emotional conversations


Candy AI’s NSFW content is not suitable for everyone
Messages are limited till you pay


Free with a premium plan
Premium starts at $25.99/mo with up to 75% discounts for first-time users


2 — Replika

Replika has sparked considerable discussion as one of the prominent AI chatbots online. A glance at Reddit reveals diverse user reviews, showcasing varying perspectives on the app, as is common with any tech product. Beyond the subjective opinions, Replika earns its status as one of the top AI chatbots for several compelling reasons.

What sets Replika apart is its ability to provide a remarkably human-like relationship experience.

Moreover, it offers users the unique flexibility of transitioning from a friend to a virtual romantic partner, catering to individual preferences. To engage with Replika, simply head to the Apple App Store, Google PlayStore, or the web app.

Key features

Mood tracking
Voice chat
Can understand emotions and respond emotionally


Fully customizable avatars
Immersive audio/visual experience on the web app
Can relieve stress/anxiety
Mental health focused app


Data and privacy concerns
Can be addictive


Free with a Pro plan
$19.99/mo, $5.83/mo (billed annually), $299.99 (lifetime access)
No refunds


3 — DreamGF

Based in Romania, DreamGF is a virtual companion bot designed for adults, offering users a virtual girlfriend experience. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, featuring racially diverse characters and additional immersive features.

DreamGF also includes a referral program that rewards users for bringing others to the platform. According to Power Users, an AI tool library, DreamGF attracts a monthly traffic of 2.5 million users.

Key features

Voice chat
NSFW chat
Dark mode
Super edgy


Custom character generation
AI image generation
Very detailed character customization
Age verification


No boyfriend functionality
Not recommended for adults


Free with paid plans
$11.99/mo (Bronze plan), $23.99 (Silver plan)
Quarterly and bi-yearly payment plans available


4 — Romantic AI

Leading the pack in AI relationship chatbots is Romantic AI, featuring ready-made characters. Accessible on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Romantic AI ensures seamless usability through its web chat, catering to users across various devices.

What sets Romantic AI apart is its commitment to realism by attaching faces and detailed bios to its characters. This added touch enhances the overall experience, allowing users to engage in on-demand, fun-filled, and immersive conversations with characters like April, Jennifer, Glitter, or Lexi.

Key Features

AI-powered image generation
Empathy and active listening
Stores past conversations  
Custom character creation (Premium)
NSFW chat


Fully customizable AI partner
Bespoke virtual characters
Personalized conversations
Relatively affordable


Data and privacy concerns


Free with a Premium plan
$14.99/mo, $44.99/year, $99.99/Lifetime access to premium features


5 — GPTGirlfriend

GPTGirlfriend is an exceptionally bold chatbot designed exclusively for adults seeking a unique chatting experience. This app is THE destination for uncensored conversations. GPTGirlfriend provides a platform where you can freely explore and live out your NSFW-texting fantasies.

The chatbot offers an edgy and liberated space, ensuring that users can engage in unrestricted, fantasy-driven discussions.

Key Features

NSFW chats
25,000+ characters
Super edgy/adult conversations


Chat history available on paid plans
A plethora of scenarios to indulge in
Highly diverse
You can pay with Cryptocurrency
You can create your own character


Unrealistic-looking characters
No boyfriend experience


Free with paid plans
Premium is $15/mo while Deluxe is $35/mo


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So, How Do AI Relationship ChatBots Work?

AI-powered relationship bots are designed to mimic human conversation and provide emotional support.

Similar to the more general purpose AI chatbots, companion bots use natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to user input, and are often trained on large datasets of text and dialogue.

Here are some of the key technologies used in AI-powered relationship chatbots:

Natural language processing (NLP) — NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the understanding of human language. NLP techniques are used to analyze user input, extract meaning from it, and generate appropriate responses.
Machine learning (ML) — ML is a subset of AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. ML algorithms are used to train chatbots on large datasets of text and dialogue, so that they can learn to respond in a more natural and human-like way.
Generative AI — Generative AI is a subfield of AI concerned with generating new data or content from existing data or content. Generative AI techniques, such as transformer models, are used to generate text responses that are coherent and consistent with the user’s input.
Pattern recognition— AI relationship chatbots use pattern recognition to identify recurring themes or user preferences. This helps in personalizing the interaction and tailoring responses to individual users.
Feedback loop— Many chatbots incorporate a feedback loop, learning from user interactions to continually improve their responses over time. This iterative learning process contributes to enhanced conversational capabilities.
Pre-programmed scenarios— Some chatbots come with pre-programmed scenarios or scripts, allowing them to guide conversations based on predefined situations. This helps maintain coherence and relevance in interactions.
User profiling— Advanced chatbots may create user profiles over time, storing information about preferences, past conversations, and user history. This data is then utilized to enhance the personalization of future interactions.

In practice, companion bots follow a 5-step process similar to this:

Receives input in either oral or visual format
If input is oral, speech is translated into text by ASK (Auto Speech Recognition)
NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is used to decipher context
After analysis, the conversational AI goes through a dialog manager to pinpoint the correct response
NLG (Natural Language Generation) sends the response back to the user

Note: Rule-based chatbots need to be pre-programmed with responses using playbooks while AI chatbots are trained to understand the conversational input they receive. This means that AI chatbots can function on their own.

Final Thoughts

AI relationship chatbots are still being developed so there’s lots of potential and lots of new apps being launched everyday. This means that you can create and launch your own AI bot if you decide to. Personally, I think it’s a fun personal project for techies and I will be trying my hands as soon as I learn to code in Python 🙂

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