The Facebook post that has all the crazy

Oh boy, this Facebook post, featured on the ParlerWatch subreddit, has it all. If you want to get a latest-look update on the mind of the QAnon-MAGA nut, read on.

Let’s get started with this gem.

You’re not going crazy. Everything really is more expensive. The dollar is weaker than it’s ever been in any of our lifetimes.

Everything is more expensive, but that is always the case. Even in times of low inflation, there is still inflation. But yes, inflation has been a thing, for sure. But the dollar?

The dollar is weakest since, like, a few months ago. And, in fact, it’s just off a roughly 20-year high. It’s funny: They have no idea what “weak dollar” means, which would make American exports cheaper and imports more expensive, providing an economic boon to American manufacturers. The MAGA set just hears “weak” and freaks out, even if, in reality, the dollar remains pretty strong in the grand scheme of things.

BRICS+ is about to take over 80% of oil production globally. The US dollar is in free fall. Bidenomics is killing our economy.

Ah yes, BRICS. I wrote about BRICS a few weeks ago. In short, it is an effort by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (but mostly Russia) to create a counterbalance to Western hegemony. Among the world’s top 10 most populated countries, nine of them are in BRICS or are interested in joining it. (The exception is the United States.) Their problem is that seven of the top 10 economies are West-aligned.

And this isn’t a bloc like NATO. It’s an informal club with no teeth, no guiding agenda, and no  cohesive ideology. None of these nations, including China, can thrive economically without the United States or Europe (plus aligned nations). Indeed, China’s economy is on the skids for several reasons, but the flight of Western nations looking to diversify their logistics to a less threatening country is a big part of it. China’s multiple draconian COVID-19 shutdowns dramatically impacted global supply chains, while their belligerent actions toward Taiwan inspire no confidence. War is bad for business.

Russia won’t bail out China’s economy.

It is fascinating, however, to see the QAnon crowd seize on the BRICS narrative. That is very much Russia’s social media influence campaign in action.

We are already in WW3. It’s happening right now.

LOL, no it’s not, but again, this mirrors Russia’s messaging. These marks are soaking up Russian propaganda.

Covid was a biological weapon. The shots are neither safe or effective. It’s population control. They cause heart problems, sudden death, turbo cancer, blood clots, and it’s still killing many of our athletes and young people. Russia invaded Ukraine to shut down globalist and American bioweapons labs which were preparing to start another pandemic.

Russia, Russia, Russia. QAnon, at this point, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin Enterprises.

Ironically, it was Yevgeny Prigozhin, the recently deceased leader of the Wagner paramilitary group, who owned and operated the troll farms that fed this misinformation to gullible conspiracy theorists in the West. Following Prigozhin’s assassination, I assume those have been taken over by the state.

I did have to look up “turbo cancer.” That was a new one. It’s definitely a thing. This AFP fact check has more. Guess who is pushing that conspiracy?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense.

And if COVID was a hoax, why do we need bioweapons labs to start “another pandemic”? Either there was a pandemic and it was real, or there was not a pandemic and it was a hoax. Would a little internal consistency kill these people?

Maui was an inside job. They left the power on with downed lines in hurricane winds, turned off the water, and barricaded people in a burning city and told them to go home to die. It’s a land grab. Hundreds of children if not thousands are dead.

Their world is a dark, dark one.

We’ve been in a cultural civil war for nearly a decade or more. The war is going hot, as people are finally awakening to the fact we’re in the middle of a global authoritarian communist regime takeover.

Ironic, given that they take their marching orders and talking points from Putin and his troll farms.

The 2020 election was rigged. Biden was not fairly elected, and he’s not in power. This is Obama’s 3rd term. Someone murdered Obama’s chef and they swept it under the rug.

The “Obamas’ chef” thing has proven fertile ground for the conspiracists, fueled by artificial intelligence deepfake videos. The chef drowned while paddleboarding near the Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard waterfront estate. The Associated Press has been fact-checking the wild claims, seemingly to no avail.

The weather is changing, but not for the reasons they’re telling us. It’s because of the sun, solar cycles, and geo-engineered weather modification being conducted by several world governments with competing intentions and purposes.

Climate change could be happening for the reasons science states, or because of a bunch of nonsense these types read online when they “do their own research.” It’s really amazing how they reject information from any knowledgeable source in favor of random cranks on the internet.

At the very least, they could settle on one conspiracy rather than this “throw everything at the wall and see if anything sticks” approach.

Canceling communists is the only acceptable form of cancel culture. In our grandparents age, their preferred method of dealing with communists was to shoot them.

Putin is overtly working toward the recreation of the Soviet Union. There’s one side objectively working to thwart a new Soviet state, and it isn’t these QAnon pro-Putin guys. It’s everyone fighting to make sure Russia doesn’t win in Ukraine.

January 6th was a false flag. Political prisoners are still in jail and being tortured by our government without a fair trial. The FBI and Antifa were responsible for the majority of the violence.

Wait, if Jan. 6 was a false flag, then the people in jail are FBI and Antifa, right? I mean, they were convicted using visually confirmed video of them engaging in violence. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that those convicted of the violence are “political prisoners” and also say Jan. 6 was a false flag.

Trump is being politically prosecuted. Lockdowns and Covid restrictions are coming back. Do not comply.

Blah, blah, blah. It’s gotta be exhausting living a life in which conspiracies lurk in every shadow. ChatGPT could not have written a better summary of their insanity.

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