This should never have become a diary

This is hardly a diary.   It should never have become a diary.   But thanks to the pique of Facebook’s executives, I can no longer share Daily Kos stories on Facebook.

Why?  Canada’s recently passed C-18 requires social media companies with incomes of over $1B a year to pay royalties to the content producers.   The response from Facebook has been to block any news from any source in the world if the poster is from Canada.   At least Facebook considers dKos a “news outlet”.

But they also are blocking the student newspaper from the University of Victoria from using Facebook to distribute their stories to students.

They have blocked the government agencies putting out fire warnings to local residents in BC from using Facebook (and Twitter is doing the same thing). 

Yesterday, the Government posted the estimate of what royalties should come from these mega-anti-social media outlets:  Google — $172M, Facebook — $62M a year.  Those royalties would go to newspapers and MSM outlets, just like Netflix and Spotify pay content providers.

META says they will never change this policy of blocking Canadian news.   And this is from companies where Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk pretend to stand for free speech.  

I guess Free Speech is free only for them.

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