Top 7 Project Management Systems: Driving Business Performance

With the phrase business performance, project management tools naturally come to mind.

But, it is not that simple to understand how a PM tool drives productivity and performance. Project management tools have vast implementation. They are not limited to just project management but cater to diverse business needs. 

Some tools emphasize collaboration, some issue tracking, while others focus on strategic planning and operational execution. So, before investing in a project management tool, assess and evaluate your needs. It is the only way to tap into an organization’s full potential. 

Making an informed decision will take you to the heights of success and scalability. 

On the other hand, a wrong decision will haunt you forever. There are even field-specific project management tools for construction, freelancing and more user cases. Do you not entirely understand the concept? We will take you through the diversity of project management tools by presenting 7 top picks. 

Let’s dive in!

Trello–Teams Management Solution

With Trello, you can manage teams from anywhere without worrying about losing data credibility. This exquisite solution brings tasks, teams and services together, serving as a productivity powerhouse. Trello keeps a tight leash on deadlines from the get-go. Also, it tracks projects and employees’ progress, unleashes the team’s creativity and offers a well-structured resource hub.

Key Differentiators

Price: Trello has four monthly pricing plans ranging from $0 to $17.50 per user. 

Pros And Cons of Trello



Zenput–Leading Operations Execution Tool

Every business, from retail stores to restaurants and enterprise chains, needs a solution to develop productive execution strategies. Zenput is a leading solution that enforces compliance and tasks key initiatives toward business success. This on-demand solution encompasses impeccable staff scheduling, inventory management, task management and food safety services. Zenput has undoubtedly taken the world by storm with its one-in-a-kind specs. 

Key Differentiators

Execution quality tracking

Audits and corrective Actions

Incident management

Operational intelligence

Geo and time tracking

Advanced project completion reports

Price: Zenput provides four subscription-based plans for interested parties. The details are available on request. 

Pros And Cons of Zenput


Improves audit scores

Reduces compliance issues

Adds value to workforce efficiency

Helps run better operations


WorkSuite–Freelancer Management System

Are you struggling to keep your workforce running smoothly with remote employees? WorkSuite is here to assist you. This realistic solution helps organizations grow with efficient employee sourcing, onboarding, managing and tracking capabilities. Worksuite works as a centralized database and eliminates the need for tricky spreadsheets. This user-friendly program has many tricks rolled up its sleeves, like events management and global payment processing.

Key Differentiators

Price: WorkSuite has not made its cost structure public. Contact its sales team for further information. 

Pros And Cons of WorkSuite



Podio–An All-rounder Project Management Tool

Podio is a simplistic project management solution that effortlessly gets teams in sync. It transforms work and communication norms with automated functionalities. Podio consolidates data and makes sifting data a breeze. Adding to it, this intuitive platform defines roles and sets custom controls, enhancing project reliability and effectiveness. Proving its excellence, Podio strictly adheres to rigorous security standards. 

Key Differentiators

Granular access

Connected CRM

Integrated chat

Social collaboration

Data visualization

Price: Podio packs three bundles ranging from $0 to $19.20, priced per user per month. Larger chains can request a custom bundle, too. 

Pros And Cons of Podio



Sluggish page builds

System crashes often 

Jira–Issue and Project Tracking Solution

Jira is a compact issue-tracking solution primarily built for software development teams. It ensures clients don’t struggle to stay aligned by acting as a single source of truth. Jira works by breaking ideas into chunks, making tasks easily manageable. Alongside that, it offers assistance through the entire project journey from planning to releasing. It even gives a bird’s eye view of a project’s performance by conducting analytic reports. 

Key Differentiators

Price: Jira packs four bundles, including a free, two-priced and one tailor-made plan. The packages cost $7.75 and $15.24, billed monthly per user. 

Pros And Cons of Jira–Issue



Bluebeam Revu–Construction Management Software

BlueBeam Revu is a construction-centered project management solution. With the prime goal of shaping construction workflows, this intact solution works wonders. It stays with the clients from conception to completion without missing a beat. BlueBeam Revu amplifies business reliability with in-depth geological insights. Using it, job-site teams can effortlessly access plans and drawings through handheld gadgets. 

Key Differentiators

Price: Bluebeam Revu has three plans in store for its users. Its price range goes from $250 to $400 per month. 

Pros And Cons of BlueBeam Revu


Breeds solid communication

Has compact measurement tools in stores

Mitigates chances of risks

Seamlessly connects with external apps


Notion–A Solution For Connected Workspace

Notion is a reputable solution for a connected workspace where tasks are dealt with excellence and dedication. It works efficiently for all business types, from startups to enterprises. Centralizing knowledge with WiKis to handling projects and documents. Notion is like a building block for organizations packing consolidated tools, amplifying productivity and profitability. 

Key Differentiators

Price: Notion builds up clients’ trust with a diverse price structure. It ranges from $0 to $15 per monthly user and includes a tailor-made enterprise package. 

Pros And Cons of Notion



It can be overwhelming because of the endless features

Summing up

It is time to wind up this elaborative guide to the seven project management software. Each of our shortlisted vendors has unique specs and capabilities. No two systems are the same. This is our element of interest that you should pay heed to your personalized requirements while choosing a project management solution. Following the crowd is not an ideal choice here. 

Figure out what you need and then decide which category of project management solutions you want to explore. We covered diversified vendors, from Zenput, a tool focused on operational execution, to Slack, a productivity-boosting platform. If you are overwhelmed with all this, contact our support team for expert guidance.

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