Underwater oil hose tensile test: actual measurement verification of excellent tensile performance, connecting the global energy pulse

  Recently, Zebung Technology successfully conducted strict tensile tests on the marine underwater oil hoses ordered by foreign customers to ensure that the products comply with GMPHOM standards and provide customers with safe and reliable marine oil hose products.

  Tensile testing is an extremely critical part of the quality inspection of offshore oil pipes. Its importance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  First, the tensile test can detect the tensile strength of the oil hose to ensure that the underwater oil pipeline can withstand the complex changes and potential pressure of the underwater environment during use;

  Secondly, the tensile test can be used to evaluate the ductility of the underwater oil pipeline to ensure that the oil hose is not easily broken or damaged when encountering external forces;

  Third, tensile testing helps uncover possible manufacturing defects in underwater oil hoses.

  This tensile test was conducted strictly in accordance with GMPHOM standards. The test process is as follows:

1. Test preparation stage

  Before the test started, Zebung’s professional technicians strictly screened and inspected the marine underwater oil hose samples to ensure that they were flawless, pollution-free and in compliance with the test requirements of the GMPHOM standard. At the same time, the staff conducted comprehensive calibration and debugging of the tensile testing machine to ensure that it can accurately measure various data of the marine underwater oil hose during the stretching process.

2. Experimental process stage

  During the test, Zebung Technology stretched the marine underwater oil pipeline in accordance with the parameters and requirements specified by the GMPHOM standard. The staff carefully observed and recorded data such as the deformation, tensile force and elongation of the marine underwater oil hose during the stretching process in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the marine underwater oil hose.

3. Test results stage

  After rigorous tensile testing, Zebung Technology obtained detailed test data. Based on these data, key indicators such as tensile strength and ductility of marine underwater oil pipelines were evaluated. The results show that this batch of marine underwater oil pipelines fully meets the requirements of GMPHOM standards.

  The successful completion of this tensile test not only demonstrates the company’s professional strength and technical level in the field of offshore oil pipe production, but also provides customers with safe and reliable product guarantees. Zebung Technology will continue to uphold a professional, rigorous and responsible attitude to provide better products and services to customers around the world.

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